WATCH: Elizabeth May on Climate Crisis @ Fort Qu'Appe

WATCH: Elizabeth May on Climate Crisis @ Fort Qu'Appe

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WATCH: QVEA - Elizabeth May - Forum on Climate Crisis @ Fort Qu'Appelle, SK

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Published on Mar 15, 2019


Organizers disappointed with response of other parties
Forum to be Live Streamed on Facebook: go to QVEA.CA for info

For seven weeks the Qu’Appelle Valley Environmental Association (QVEA.CA) has been in direct contact with all national political party leaders, encouraging them to participate in a pre-election forum on the climate crisis. The forum will be held Wednesday March 13, 2019 at the Treaty Four Governance Centre in Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan, from 7 to 9 pm. All are welcome.

“Extreme weather events linked to climate change have already detrimentally affected the Qu’Appelle Watershed”, said QVEA director Jim Harding, who will moderate the forum. “We wanted to invite all national leaders to discuss climate policy in an open non-partisan forum in a real-world context, where ordinary Canadians could raise their concerns and the urgency of the climate crisis would not be avoided through campaign slogans.”
We are pleased that Green Party leader Elizabeth May has agreed to participate. May is knowledgeable about climate science, has attended many international climate policy negotiations and is gaining a deserved reputation for being able to be non-partisan, so she will be an excellent resource. “May has been directly involved in opposing the Trans-Mountain bitumen pipeline, which we expect to come up at the forum”, said local water activist and QVEA director Lorna Evans.

The QVEA has put a lot of energy into communicating with all party leaders and is disappointed by the other parties’ unwillingness to send their leader or designate. “We are particularly concerned that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer will not attend. Mr. Scheer is willing to come to Saskatchewan to speak at a pro-pipeline rally, but he is not willing to discuss climate policy in his own riding”, Ms. Evans added.

Maxime Bernier quickly declined due to a previous Alberta commitment and his assistant said “He had no designate to send”. Though NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said “he would reply” after the Feb. 24th Burnaby by-election, we heard nothing further from him. The invitation to Trudeau was forwarded to Regina MP, Minister Goodale, who “had a previous engagement”. “We were disappointed that our invitation to Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna, was turned down just last week”, said local cattle rancher and QVEA director Greg Van Luven. “All parties should be facing the challenge of what chemical agriculture is doing to the land and water; life continues to disappear in our local creeks”, added Van Luven.

“We realize that with an election coming, partisan politics is becoming front and centre. But to successfully address the climate crisis, all political parties will have to take the high road. Over the last month the national media and partisan politics has concentrated, almost exclusively on the SNC-Lavalin affair. All along the carbon levels in the atmosphere continue to climb”, said Harding. “We simply have to maintain a focus across party lines with this crisis facing humanity if we are to avert future catastrophic climate events.”

“The forum will be Live Streamed on Facebook to ensure that it has national attention”, said Randy Lebell, network coordinator for the QVEA.

The forum will be an opportunity for people to discuss carbon pricing; bitumen pipelines including the Line 3 pipeline that goes through the Qu’Appelle Watershed; Indigenous Rights; the prospects of renewable energy and how to quickly transition to a low-carbon economy.

“With Saskatchewan having the highest per capita carbon footprint in all of Canada, four times the Canada-wide rate and amongst the highest on the planet, this is a good place to have this non-partisan discussion”, Lebell stated.
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