The RCMP, the rogue states, and the SPP

The RCMP, the rogue states, and the SPP

Postby Oscar » Thu Jul 12, 2007 8:16 pm

The RCMP, the rogue states, and the SPP

by Joan Russow, PhD
Global Compliance Research Project

It is reported by the Council of Canadians (see below) that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and U.S. Army have blocked a public forum on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) which was to take place during the SPP summit in Montebello, Quebec on August 20 and 21.

After months, if not years, of the RCMP engaged in range of questionable practices which culminated in the resignation of the Commissioner Zacardelli, the New RCMP Commissioner William Elliot is taking the RCMP to a new level of ignominy. Before assuming the position of Commissioner of the RCMP, William Elliot, -a "terrorist expert" - in his various capacities, under Transport and Public Safety ministries has been playing a sycophantic role to his US counterparts. Now, with his first act as the RCMP Commissioner he demonstrates that, rather than enforcing the rule of law, he is willing, by denying the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association, to violate both the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and international human rights instruments, such as the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights to which Canada, US and Mexico are signatories.

If the RCMP is ever going to be credible in the eyes of the public, the RCMP must be perceived to be the enforcer not of the whims of the corporate sector but of fundamental peremptory norms to which most states in the world adhere. . The RCMP should be concerned that the SPP summit that the RCMP is so intent on protecting is one with at least two leaders who have seriously violated fundamental norms expressed in Conventions such as the Convention against Torture, and the Geneva conventions.

If the RCMP is to be credible, the RCMP should refuse to be an instrument of the US army, and should act to oppose the Security and Prosperity Partnership which further entrenches the licence to violate not only the fundamental human rights of freedom expression and assembly , but also key legally biding environmental, labour, social justice obligations and commitments.

The RCMP should also be concerned that the three countries have either failed to sign and ratify international agreements related to preventing war and conflict, to guaranteeing human rights, to ensuring social justice, to preserving and protecting the environments, or failed to enact the necessary legislation to ensure the implementation and enforcement of these agreements.

But no, the role of the RCMP has become to protect leaders of states [STATE LEADERS THAT] which conspire to undermine the rule of law, and to prevent citizens from acting to protect the commons and the common good.
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