SPP - cheaper than military invasion?

SPP - cheaper than military invasion?

Postby Oscar » Fri Jul 27, 2007 4:12 pm

Published in The Wakaw Recorder on July 25, 2007

Security and Prosperity Partnership

By Leo Kurtenbach

Canada, the USA and Mexico have, for some years now, been holding joint clandestine meetings with behind-the-scenes backing and push by neo-conservatives, corporate CEO's and military officials from each of these three countries.

These plans were first initiated by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, [CCCE], but now are being promoted mainly by American interests under the banner of the Security and Prosperity Partnership. Presumably it is hoped that this would eventually evolve into the North American Union [NAU] -- a continental global super power.

This American dream for their future is not possible unless the US has undisputed access to Canada's resources, mainly water, uranium, gas and oil [the tar sands].

According to Industry Canada's quarterly report in its Investment Review, foreign investments, mostly US, have, since 1985, acquired 10,433 Canadian companies. Only 2.6% was for new business investment. A North American Union would, in all probability, require a proportionate sharing with the US of all of Canada's resources. To date, our federal governments have been too short-sighted to make provision for judicious energy conservation and access of Canada's resources for all Canadians.

Obviously, it is much less costly, and more profitable for US interests, to buy up Canada [and to add insult to injury, much of this was accomplished with funding from Canadian banks] rather than doing so by a military invasion.

One has to wonder why President Bush and his cohorts did not consider that for Iraq. They could have saved thousands of young American soldiers from great suffering or death, and the same fate for almost one million children, women and men in Iraq.

But then, what would they do with all that sophisticated and highly technically efficient weapons of death piling up in the warehouses of those who manufacture armaments?

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