'The man who filmed the Montebello provocateurs'

'The man who filmed the Montebello provocateurs'

Postby Oscar » Sat Dec 08, 2007 4:30 pm

December 5, 2007

Dear chapter activists,

As reported in today's Globe and Mail, "Paul Manly's five-minute, 23-second video clip of a confrontation during a summer protest in Quebec is a compelling piece of theatre...Mr. Manly, a 43-year-old Nanaimo filmmaker, captured the scene (of agents provocateurs) on a high-definition camcorder while making a documentary...Mr. Manly travelled to cover the protests against a summit of the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States held at a luxury resort at Montebello, Que., in August. He rode a bus with members of the Council of Canadians, which he has since joined, a group critical of trade talks taking place without input from ordinary citizens."

The article concludes with, "Mr. Manly thinks there should be an inquiry into police activity at Montebello, a demand repeated in the House of Commons yesterday by his MP, Jean Crowder (NDP - Nanaimo-Cowichan). Rocks were thrown that day and he wonders who launched them. Could be protesters. Could be cops. Who knows?"

The Council of Canadians has written Prime Minister Stephen Harper demanding that, "a judicial inquiry be established under the Inquiries Act with respect to the planning and conduct of police and security operations for the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) summit that was held in Montebello, Quebec on August 20-21, 2007...For us, the deplorable conduct of police as agents provocateurs is consistent with other efforts to squelch attempts to engage your government in meaningful debate about crucial public policy issues that bear directly on the future of Canada."

Our letter demanding an inquiry can be read at


Paul's 'Stop the SPP protest in Montebello - Union Leader stops provocateurs' YouTube video can be viewed from our website at


Paul has also just released a new edit that clearly shows undercover Sureté de Quebec officers provoking a line of police officers at


To see our August 23, 2007 'ACTION ALERT: Demand answers about 'agent provocateurs' in Montebello', please go to


The full Globe and Mail article, 'The man who filmed the Montebello provocateurs' by Tom Hawthorn, can be read at


Brent Patterson
Director of Campaigns, Organizing,
& the Blue Planet Project
The Council of Canadians
700-170 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5V5
1-800-387-7177 ext. 291
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VIDEO: Police provoke violence at SPP Protest

Postby Oscar » Sat Dec 08, 2007 4:37 pm

December 5, 2007

Dear chapter activists,

Please see below the widely-circulated message from Paul Manly of the Mid-Island Nanaimo chapter of the Council of Canadians.

Additionally, to read the Council's call for a public inquiry into Montebello security go to http://www.canadians.org/DI/documents/S ... y_1007.pdf.


I have just posted a video on our CanadiansNanaimo channel on Youtube which proves that the three Surete Du Quebec officers masquerading as radical protesters with rocks were trying to provoke the SQ riot police with violence.

This video outlines the case for a full public inquiry into this illegal covert police action.

You can watch the video entitled 'Hard Evidence - Police provoke Violence at SPP Protest' here at http://youtube.com/watch?v=DCRsj06wT64.

Please watch this video, comment on it and rate it then send the link to everyone you know that treasures our democracy and wants to keep Canada free, and sovereign.

If you want to know more about the SPP and TILMA or know of others who could use a good primer on these undemocratic processes then check out another youtube video that we have launched called 'Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule - part 1 - Ten Reasons to Oppose the SPP and TILMA' watch it here


and then pass this link on to everyone you know.

I am so shocked by what I have learned working on this documentary that I wanted to get this information out in advance of finishing the full length documentary I'm working on.

You can help!

Send Emails to all of the following Federal politicians and ask them if they respect the Canadian constitution and the rule of law and if they do when will they stand up and call for a full public inquiry into the illegal covert police actions at the SPP protest in Montebello.

Send a copy to your Member of Parliament and your local media.

If these politicians don't reply, send a copy each week until they do!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper at Harper.S@parl.gc.ca
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day at Day.S@parl.gc.ca
the members of the Public Safety committee
Chair Garry Breitkreuz - Conservative - BreitG@parl.gc.ca

Vice chairs
Hon. Roy Cullen - Liberal - CulleR@parl.gc.ca
Penny Priddy - NDP - PriddP@parl.gc.ca

Hon. Sue Barnes - Liberal - BarneS@parl.gc.ca
Bonnie Brown - Liberal - BrownB@parl.gc.ca
Gord Brown - Liberal - BrownG@parl.gc.ca
Hon. Ujjal Dosanjh - Liberal - DosanU@parl.gc.ca
Dave MacKenzie - Conservative - MackeD@parl.gc.ca
Colin Mayes - Conservative - MayesC@parl.gc.ca
Serge Ménard - BQ - MenarSe@parl.gc.ca
Rick Norlock - Conservative - NorloR@parl.gc.ca
Ève-Mary Thaï Thi Lac - BQ - ThiLac.E@parl.gc.ca

The Opposition Leaders
Jack Layton - NDP - layton.j@parl.gc.ca
Hon. Stéphane Dion - Liberal - DionS@parl.gc.ca
Gilles Duceppe - BQ - DucepG@parl.gc.ca

To find out more about the SPP and TILMA visit www.canadians.org and www.canadiansnanaimo.org.
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