Editor: Courting the season’s Belle of the Ball!

Editor: Courting the season’s Belle of the Ball!

Postby Oscar » Sat Apr 19, 2008 1:26 pm

Published in the Wadena News on May 14, 2008

Dear Editor

Courting the season’s Belle of the Ball!

It is no coincidence that Premier Stelmach came to town recently, waving the TILMA flag, to ask Mr. Wall to sign on. TILMA, the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement which Alberta signed in secret in April 2006 with BC - without the knowledge or consultation of residents or legislative debate – to remove all those nasty trade barriers between provinces. “Facing the Facts about TILMA” Council of Canadians, February 2007.

Also visiting last week were Mr. Wall’s good buddies from the Pacific North West Economic Region (PNWER or Cascadia) – government and big business from Alaska, Washington, Oregon, BC, Alberta, Montana, and Idaho – invited in to discuss Saskatchewan’s role on their ‘resource-taker, money-maker’ bandwagon.

Meanwhile, the leaders of Mexico, the United States, and Canada will gather at the Three Amigos Summit in New Orleans on April 21 and 22 to advance the so-called Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) – big business telling our governments what they want. “Canadian senior officials said the agenda will include product and food safety, sustainable energy development, emergency preparedness and easing rules for border crossing while maintaining security." (Globe & Mail, Apr. 19, 2008)

In fact, this is what’s going on: TILMA, along with Cascadia in western Canada (and Atlantica in eastern Canada), is softening-up of Canadians and setting the stage, bit by bit, region by region, to the idea of the North American Union (NAU). One World mentality – one big happy family with one currency, harmonized regulations on labour, investment, environment, etc. – dumbing-down of our regulations and weaker protection for the safety of the Canadian food supply, loss of more Canadian manufacturing jobs, giving away more Canadian resources (including water), inviting American soldiers onto Canadian soil to put down ‘civil unrest’ – NAFTA stuff - the list is long!

And there, in the spotlight, is the Belle of the Ball; Saskatchewan – with all its lovely, tempting resources!

Elaine Hughes
Archerwill, SK
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