MARYKUCA: Hog Industry in peril again!

MARYKUCA: Hog Industry in peril again!

Postby Oscar » Sat Feb 22, 2014 10:27 am

MARYKUCA: Hog Industry in peril again!

From: Peter Marykuca
Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 7:26 PM
Subject: Hog Industry in peril again!

Open Letter - To whom it may concern:

So now we have an epidemic stemming from the hog industry in the USA and Canada that is killing young weanlings! This has our producers scrambling for a solution.

The industry has stated that the virus is in the manure! Can you believe that in the Interlake, both our governments are still allowing the dumping of liquid hog slurry; it contains known pathogens, parasite eggs and a host of who knows what else. In many cases, it is simply spread and left on the ground, exposed to the elements of nature! The run-off ends up in Lake Winnipeg! But that's okay because the industry said it will not affect humans. Really! If mutations take place then transfers could happen. What about wildlife, fowl and birds? . .

Considering that all barns are using drugs, hormones and what ever else is necessary to try to keep their herd healthy, including needle injections for who knows what? Manitoba Pork, stated that we are not to worry because it has no effect on humans and the meat is safe to eat. Let's not forget what industrialized agriculture has given us: SARS, Chicken Flu and the unhealthy stench of hog barns in Manitoba's Interlake and other parts of Canada and the World.

This got me thinking: could it be that the sows are giving the diseases to their young because of the Vaccine injections? When pigs die, I wonder if any autopsies are done to determine the cause of death ? Or is it convenient to have the carcasses hauled off to the rendering plants for rapid disposal?

Why are carcasses not incinerated? Why are they rendered? What are the rendered products? What are those products used for? Are rendered products allowed into any living food chain? If so, for what use? For who's benefit?

There needs to be a Public Scientific Inquiry into our food production and its safety. We need to know just where all those industries relate to when it comes to the Medical Clinic and for all those that areworking) or have worked in any type of agricultural confinement facilities? Is it costing us money for any ongoing medical services?

Let us not forget - and to remember - that a young child from Arborg died from E-coli poisoning! Where did it come from and why?

Peter Marykuca - Interlake Resident
Gimli, MB
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