Aussie Activists Deploy $17,000 Drone to Spy on Factory Farm

Aussie Activists Deploy $17,000 Drone to Spy on Factory Farm

Postby Oscar » Sun May 11, 2014 6:27 am

Aussie Activists Deploy $17,000 Drone to Spy on Factory Farms

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by Susan Bird October 2, 2013 7:00 pm

An Australian animal rights group known as Animal Liberation is using a remote-controlled drone to keep tabs from the sky on industrial livestock operations. Factory farm owners in the Land Down Under don’t like that one little bit.

The hexacopter drone, nicknamed “Hector,” is barely larger than a radio-controlled toy. It set the Animal Liberation back a cool $17,000, however. The group spent $14,000 for the drone itself and an additional $3,000 to outfit it with a high-definition video camera, stabilizers and a 10x zoom lens.

Animal Liberation used their new drone recently to shoot video above an egg farm in Dora Creek, New South Wales. The farm advertises itself as “free-range” and therefore gets a premium price for its eggs from cruelty-conscious consumers. Animal Liberation is investigating whether that “free range” claim is legitimate. It says it is providing the footage to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for further investigation.

You can see the drone in action, as well as some of the video it has captured, here:

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