FEFCHAK: Researchers identify new PEDv strain in Minnesota

FEFCHAK: Researchers identify new PEDv strain in Minnesota

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FEFCHAK: Researchers identify new PEDv strain in Minnesota

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Subject: Hopeful about Virus

RE: "Farmer hopeful pig virus is gone" - Winnipeg Free Press, 7 January, 2015
[ http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/busine ... 52261.html ]

U.S. researchers have identified a new strain of a hog disease that has wiped out millions of baby pigs, a sign the virus will keep mutating as producers work to contain it.

As long as producers continue to raise animals in the confines of being factory assembled, as so many hogs are in our modern society today, there will continue to be diseases and viruses.

Perceived expectations of hope will not suffice or bring relief to this situation.

The responsibility of how animals will be raised rests entirely with those who are in charge, for they, as all of us, have been given the option of making choices.

Good, bad or indifferent, the consequences of those choices are theirs alone, to bear.

All animals, as with humans, require fresh air, light and freedom to move about, enabling them to remain healthy and be free from suffering.

Breathing fumes from the sewage pits below them in their state of captivity lowers their resistance, and elevates a short term and unhealthy existence.

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