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FEFCHAK: COMMENT: Hog Production Roller-Coaster

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 9:14 am
by Oscar
FEFCHAK: COMMENT: Hog Production Roller-Coaster

From: John Fefchak
Sent: Friday, March 6, 2015 7:54 AM
Subject: HOG Production Roller-Coaster

March 6, 2015

Letter to the Editor;

In 2006, Manitoba had the distinction of being the #1 hog producer in Canada with over 9 million animals.

Then, in 2009, there were too many hogs and barns were shut down, herds were culled, feed prices were high, S.Korea no longer imported hogs from Canada, and governments subsidized this meat exporting industry (at taxpayers $$).

Now the complaints are not enough hogs. ( Staying off the hog production roller-coaster, Manitoba Co operator, 5 March, 2015, Page 4) [ ... erator-162 ]

What's next? one has to ask. The answer is 'our waters'.

Manitoba is a province recognized has having more than 100,000 lakes, and with so much water, we disgracefully neglect to look after these finite sources as we know we should.

One situation here is the hog factories hide under the skirts of farming and are not industry regulated.

Excess, untreated waste manure eventually finds it's way into water sources and Manitobans can shamefully boast that they live in a province that has the distinction of having Lake Winnipeg, the World's most polluted lake.

John Fefchak,
Virden, MB
204 748 2521