LAKE WINNIPEG: Re-evaluate priorities

LAKE WINNIPEG: Re-evaluate priorities

Postby Oscar » Mon Aug 05, 2019 11:27 am

Re-evaluate priorities

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August 3, 2019

City of Winnipeg’s untreated sewage plagues Lake Winnipeg waters. Even so, there are other sources that must also be identified. re: Overflows dumped 8.7 B litres. 30 July.

With that in mind, I reviewed some of the previous studies that had been carried out on Lake Winnipeg during the past years, namely by Environment Canada, Manitoba Water Stewardship and Manitoba Conservation for sources of pollution.

Although these studies are not recent, the findings that I arrived at, reveal a situation that should not be ignored or taken lightly, for it discloses that Manitoba’s Red River system, although six times smaller in area and length, than the US portion of its’ Red River, contributes nearly six times more phosphorus, per linear kilometer, then the southern portion of the Red River area in the United States.

The phosphorus load from the Red River entering Manitoba calculated and averaged over a 13-year period (1994-2007 ) was 2,798 tonnes per year. The combined phosphorus load of the entire Red River system taken at The Forks at Winnipeg was calculated and averaged at 5,380 tonnes per year. The studies reveal that this particular area, often referred to as hog alley accounts for 48 % of the Red River phosphorus pollution to Lake Winnipeg. It was readily identified as the “hot spot” by the Clean Environment Commission in 2007.

I submit that our Manitoba government must re-evaluate their economic priorities of industrial agriculture and initiate needed action to resolve the situation in this area.

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