UDP REPORT - Notes . . . Nukes in SK - 2015

UDP REPORT - Notes . . . Nukes in SK - 2015

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NOTES FROM REPORT: The Future of Nuclear Energy in Saskatchewan - March 6, 2015

[ https://www.schoolofpublicpolicy.sk.ca/ ... chewan.pdf ]

Presentation to the Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy Regina, Saskatchewan March 6, 2015 - Duane Bratt, PhD

Department of Policy Studies Mount Royal University Calgary, Alberta

Brad Wall is the most nuclear-friendly politician in Canada
-UDP vision
-Canadian Neutron Centre proposal
-$30M commitment to Fedoruk Centre
-replace coal plants with small nuclear facilities
= =
Pg 11
60 years of largely All-Party Support
1940-1950s - CCF initiated uranium mining
1960s - Liberals established Rabbit Lake mine
1970s-1980s - NDP created Sask Mining Development
-Corp Forerunner to Cameco
-Approved two new uranium mines
-Supported Warman Refinery
= = =
P. 12
Drivers: Political Support
1980s-1991 - PCs pursued CANDU-3
1991-2007 - NDP opened up five new uranium mines
-Sought out value-added uranium production
-Lorne Calvert welcomed 'private investment' for uranium refining
= = =
P. 13
Dan Perrins headed public consultation process April 6-July 31, 2009
Stakeholder conference - Public hearings - Oral/written submissions
Special opportunities for First Nations/Metis - Website
2,600 people attended public hearings - 1,300 letter/email responses
= = =
P. 15
Anti-Nuclear Policy Beliefs
Nuclear reactors are unsafe (Chernobyl)
The entire fuel cycle creates radiation which causes cancer
Reactors produce nuclear waste that lasts for hundreds of thousands of years
Nuclear energy is not a solution to climate change, and instead resources should be devoted to conservation and renewable energy sources
There is a clear link between civilian nuclear energy and military nuclear bombs
Nuclear energy is uneconomical and is highly subsidized by the government
= = = =
P. 16
Public Consultation - The Future of Uranium released Sept 2009 - Perrins was only to summarize feedback
No advocacy role either pro or anti
85% opposed to nuclear power generation
70% opposed to uranium upgrading
86% opposed to nuclear waste storage
42% opposition to nuclear r & d
88% opposition to UDP strategy
98% support for renewable energy
95% support for reducing energy consumption
= = = =
P. 17 & 18
Public Consultation - Not statistically representative sample of public opinion - But a wide range of opposition - Environment, labour unions, peace, religious - Geographic scope across province - Range of arguments - Economic, health, safety, environmental, peace - Opponents participated more than supporters - This illustrates higher intensity
Outcome of UDP/Public Consultation Process - Sask govt Dec 2009
SaskPower to continue including nuclear power in the range of energy options available for additional baseload generation capacity in the medium and long term after 2020
= = = =
P. 19, 20, 21, 22
How can we reconcile Dec 2009 decision (and subsequent announcements) with the results of the public consultation?
1. Wall govt is massively pro-uranium industry and pro-development
Wall govt delayed reactor decision solely due to cost, not other factors
Explaining the gap between Wall's vision and public concern over nuclear energy
Wall believed Public Consultation was flawed
85% responders were opposed to nuclear energy, not 85% of Saskatchewanians
Perrins “no statistical reliability”
Govt “recently independent polling has shown support for nuclear energy”
Methodological problems
Factual accuracy of responses
Policy makers must “somehow balance expertise with democracy”
Wall govt accepted arguments from nuclear scientists (academy and industry) and discounted public opinion.
Dec 2009 decision was followed up by other pro-nuclear announcements
January 2011, Wall announces nuclear agenda
Nuclear medicine
Nuclear research & development
Small reactors for electricity (less than 500 MW)
= = = =

P. 24, 25, 26, 27
Political Impact of Japan's Nuclear Crisis
Sask Govt. - has affirmed its nuclear agenda
Rob Norris, Minister Responsible for SASKPOWER, - “ethical obligation” to move forward with uranium mining – develop a PPP for small nuclear rectors (sic.) ( s/b: “reactors” in Sask)
Post-Fukushima Developments - Establishment of Fedoruk Centre
SaskPower and SMRs - SMRs at uranium mines - FEDORUK CENTRE
Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation was established in 2011. - $30 million Sask govt commitment over 7 years
Goal is to place Saskatchewan among global leaders in nuclear research, development and training through investment in partnerships with academia and industry for maximum societal and economic benefit.
Fedoruk Centre- 1. Project funding - Nuclear Medicine- Nuclear Materials
Nuclear Energy -Physical and Social Environment
2. Encourage collaboration- Scientists and labs outside Sask -Business sector
3. Nuclear Infrastructure - Cyclotron
SaskPower and SMRs
SaskPower CEO Robert Watson (2014) - “If you put a big one 1,000 or l.500 megawatt plant in one spot, you have to upgrade the whole you have to upgrade the whole transmission grid to handle it. But smaller reactors known as SMRs (Small Nuclear Reactors) are now being developed. We are keeping a watching eye on those – nothing decided but we're watching those, because they come in anywhere from 50 megawatt sizes to 300. And for Saskatchewan, that's kind of the perfect size.
Uranium Mines and SMRs - One possible location for a SMR is in the uranium mines in Northern Sask
Benefits to the mine-Reduce the cost of diesel fuel-Lessen the emissions from mining
Benefits to Northern Saskatchewan - Better/cheaper way of electrifying the region
SMR Challenges – Regulation/Licensing- Prototypes not built- NuScale is building one at Oregon State U.
Who wants to be first in Canada?
Future of Nuclear Energy in Saskatchewan
Old debate-Same issues-Same actors-Same arguments
New Features - Climate Change - Political Impact of Fukushima Accident
Impact of Fedoruk Centre
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