BISCHOFF: "Yes, Catastrophic Risks Aren't Worth Taking"

BISCHOFF: "Yes, Catastrophic Risks Aren't Worth Taking"

Postby Oscar » Sun Mar 15, 2020 1:00 pm

"Yes, Catastrophic Risks Aren't Worth Taking"

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Toronto Star March 3, 2020

ANGELA BISCHOFF CONTRIBUTOR Angela Bischoff is director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance.


"So, the calculus is simple. On one hand, we have a fading technology — nuclear now generates half the power it did worldwide 10 years ago — with rising costs and security concerns and a history of bringing in projects behind schedule and massively over budget."

On the other hand, a 100 per cent renewable system where costs continue to plummet, technology — including storage — is leaping ahead and safety is about making sure workers wear harnesses, not radiation monitors. Which one would you choose for your neighbourhood?"
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