Council launches new fracking campaign web-page

Council launches new fracking campaign web-page

Postby Oscar » Fri Dec 09, 2011 4:37 pm

Council launches new fracking campaign web-page

By Brent Patterson, Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The Council of Canadians launched a new campaign web-page on fracking today.
That page can be seen at

It notes:

Stop fracking in Canada

More than 175,000 wells have been fracked in Canada - and the industry is rapidly expanding in almost every province across the country.

The Council of Canadians opposes fracking because of its high water use, its high carbon emissions, its impacts on human health, the disruption it causes to wildlife, and the danger it poses to groundwater and local drinking water. We are calling for a country-wide stop to fracking operations. We will also be launching a petition campaign shortly to put pressure on the federal government to step into a leadership role and ensure that our water sources, people’s health and the environment are protected from unnecessary and dangerous pollution.


Harper government & fracking

NEWS: Harper government has power to stop fracking in Canada
NEWS: Federal review of fracking may not be completed until April 2013
NEWS: Bureaucrats tell Harper about fracking dangers, again
NEWS: Kent’s inaction on fracking endangers Canada’s water

Key campaign blogs

Fracking may threaten Lake Ainslie
Treating fracking wastewater in Niagara Falls
Fracking threatens the Great Lakes
Opposing fracking in Alberta
Opposing fracking in the Atlantic provinces
Our ‘Protecting Communities’ against fracking conference
Fracking and the Ontario Energy Board

Take action

PETITION: Demand federal action to stop fracking! coming soon
SAMPLE MUNICIPAL RESOLUTION: Pass a resolution against fracking in your community coming soon
ACTION ALERT: Tell the Niagara Falls Water Board not to frack with our water!
SIGN THE PETITION: Inverness Country chapter calls for fracking ban in Nova Scotia
ACTION ALERT: Lethbridge chapter calls for Alberta-wide ban on fracking
Council calls for public inquiry on fracking in British Columbia


Niagara-on-the-Lake calls for moratorium on treating fracking wastewater in the Great Lakes Basin
Nova Scotia to conduct review on fracking
Inverness County council supports Nova Scotia-wide fracking ban
Moncton stops selling its drinking water for fracking
Moncton says no to fracking in Turtle Creek watershed

Other blogs

For all campaign blogs opposing fracking, see


Building Community Action Against Fracking, Canadian Perspectives, Summer 2011
No Fracking Way: Our water, health and air at risk, Canadian Perspectives, Summer 2011
No Fracking Way! Hydraulic fracturing poses serious risks to water and health, January 2011

‘Fracker Tracker’

Coming soon - a web-map that tracks fracking threats across the country.

NEWS: Fracking projects across Canada

Watch for more content on an ongoing basis.
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