COFFMAN: Three Fracking Poems . . . & Two Mothers

COFFMAN: Three Fracking Poems . . . & Two Mothers

Postby Oscar » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:39 am

COFFMAN: Three Fracking Poems . . . & Two Mothers

February 5, 2012

Last (fracking) Gasp

the vultures circle


impatiently gliding

while we don’t yet


all that’s dying

ear drums rebel

acrid portents rankle


squinting eyes leak

ozone cloaks sight


heart skips beats


slow, fast, faster

like sun’s gorgeous

goodbye wave





---Steve Coffman

= = = = =

Two Mothers

Our mother shudders

as twisted steel turns

in her belly a mile below

their churly rapine frack

Blasting holes, shooting

her up with Benzene here

Ethylene Glycol there

Aldecide left, Formaldehyde right

2-BE or not 2-BE

Not that she could care

She can shake it, she can quake it

she got moves we’ve yet to see

frack her once, frack her twice

she can take it three times more

Pump her tummy, make it churn

she’s got oil, she’s got coal

She can rock and she can roll

she’s got gas to burn

get her ripped she’s a blast

flip your head right over your ass

Not that Mama gives a moth’s hind

toenail what flame you flare or fly in

how deep you dig or why

how much you suck or where

Flammable water? Incandescent dirt?

Mama earth don’t see, don’t hear, don’t care . . .

* * *

I go to my mother’s grave

nothing but a box of bones

in the ground, her ineffable

laugh now so dim

In my noisy thoughts

I kneel on disturbed ground

eyes wet and warm, knees

wet and cold on dewy grass

I groan . . .

Dear mama mia, I care

Dear me, how much I care.

---Steve Coffman

[note: 2-BE (2-butoxyethyanol), is a glycol ether commonly used in hydrofracking that mobilizes in soil and can easily leach into groundwater.]

= = = = =

Burning The Furniture

Fracking the gas means . . . Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!


“Damn straight!”

And burning the furniture means . . . Heat! Heat! Heat!

Oops . . . furniture gone, nowhere to sit, nowhere to sleep.

Oops, oops . . . gas gone, no more jobs, region still ruined.

---Steve Coffman
Out near the Six Corners in God’s Country, New York, USA
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