Is Toxic Tourism Overrated?

Is Toxic Tourism Overrated?

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Is Toxic Tourism Overrated?

Government Concerned about Canada's Declining Share of World Tourism

OTTAWA - Federal officials see Canada's failure to take advantage of a rapidly growing market for international tourism as a key economic challenge facing the country.

Canada has seen its ranking as a destination for international tourists fall from eighth in the world in 2000 to 15th in 2009, according to documents from Industry Canada officials used last year to brief Maxime Bernier after being appointed minister of state for small business and tourism.

These documents, attained through an access-to-information request, highlight how Canada's share of international travellers had declined from 2.9 per cent in 2000 to 1.8 per cent in 2009. That was despite a trend of expanding world travel that's seen international trips made by people rise from 440 million in 1990 to 935 million in 2010 and to be on track to reach 1.6 billion by 2020.

"Long-term growth of the tourism sector in Canada is dependent on improving competitiveness in the global market and capturing a greater share of the growing number of international travellers," the government documents say.

These briefings point to the importance of tourism to Canada's economy, saying it accounted for about two per cent of Canada's gross domestic product in 2010 and 3.6 per cent of the country's employment with 617,300 jobs. It also said the industry generated $19 billion in revenue for various levels of government in 2009.

... "Tourism is an important industry that creates jobs in every region of the country," he said in an email. "In order to seize upon the opportunity to attract more travellers to Canada, our government launched the federal tourism strategy this fall.

"Working with industry, our government's strategy will better co-ordinate government-wide efforts to support Canada's tourism industry while positioning tourism businesses to become more competitive internationally."

Newcomb said the tourism commission, a Crown corporation, is responding to the situation by more aggressively promoting the unique experiences one can have in Canada, ranging from the Calgary Stampede to seeing polar bears in Churchill, Man. ... more.

PHOTO: Big Hill Springs Provincial Park located in 'Frack Alley' near Cochrane . Alberta . Canada

How Do You Promote Tourism For A Province-Wide Industrial Frack Zone?


... focusing on exploring opportunities that can help Canada's tourism industry, a $74 billion sector that employs more than 617,000 people.

Study: Fracking Could Seriously Damage NY Tourism...

Cumulatively, however, the regional industrialization associated with wide spread drilling could do substantial damage to the region's 'brand,' threatening the long-term growth of tourism here.

Increased truck traffic, automobile traffic, air pollution, noise pollution and industrial accidents, decreased availability of hotel/motel rooms, campground spaces, and RV parking, negative visual impacts from multiple drilling rigs in rural view -sheds, storage facilities, gravel pits and compressor stations, disruptions to wildlife and hunting grounds, fears over lake and stream pollution and many other associated impacts of drilling will change the character of the region from pristine and rural to gritty and industrial.

If so, the region's ability to attract tourism may be damaged in the long-term, as the perception (and reality) of the region as an industrial landscape may far outlast the employment and monetary benefits of gas drilling.

Gas 'Fracking' Could Spell Disaster For Tourism

The two largest industries in Ireland, which together employ over 300,000 people are agriculture (output over 5 billion every year) and tourism (foreign exchange earnings over 4.5 billion every year) ... these are existing jobs, not promised ones ...

Fracking Plans May Pose Threat To Bath's Ancient Springs

'There is great concern that the process of fracking will result in the water courses leading to the natural hot springs being contaminated with pollutants from this process, or for the waters to adopt a different direction of travel through new fractures in the underlying rocks ...'

'... there is little to suggest that any thought has been given to the potential for damage to the deep-water sources that supply the springs in Bath. The hot springs are a crucial part of the tourist attraction that sustains thousands of jobs in the city ...'
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