Archibishop of NS & PEI - support to anti-fracking movement

Archibishop of NS & PEI - support to anti-fracking movement

Postby Oscar » Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:48 am

Archbishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island gives support to anti-fracking movement

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Posted on: April 10, 2018 2:49 PM

(A fracking site on the Bakken Formation in North Dakota in the US. Archbishop Ron Cutler is opposing similar fracking operations in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. - Photo Credit: Joshua Doubek / Wikimedia)

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Archbishop Ron Cutler has given his support to a campaign against the lifting of a moratorium on fracking in Nova Scotia. Bishop Ron added his weight to a letter signed by representatives of 40 different community groups who oppose any lifting on the ban. Fracking is the extraction of oil or gas from subterranean rocks, through the use of high pressure liquid to force open fissures. It is opposed by environmentalists because of the damage it can cause to the environment.

Nova Scotia’s premier and energy minister, Geoff MacLellan, sparked concern that the current moratorium would be lifted when he said he was “looking forward to the debate on fracking” following the publication of an onshore petroleum atlas for the province which identified 4.3 trillion cubic feet of shale gas. But in comments published in the Truro Daily News, he said that the moratorium was still in place. “We haven’t finalised the regulations for that fracking ban,” he said. “There is no suggestion whatsoever that the government is moving off of that position. We made the commitment that we would conduct the work around an onshore atlas (to show) where the resource potentially could be and what potential quantities there could be and that we would make that public to the private sector and all Nova Scotians.” [ ... ns-199229/ ]

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