NB: Provincial Election: What are you voting for?

NB: Provincial Election: What are you voting for?

Postby Oscar » Fri Aug 31, 2018 8:18 am

N.B. What are you voting for?

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August 29, 2018 - 9:05 am

In about a month, people in New Brunswick will be electing a new provincial government.

Council of Canadians chapter members like us have been hard at work, knocking on doors and speaking with people in our communities about the important issues facing our province.

We wanted to share this handbill [ https://aaf1a18515da0e792f78-c27fdabe95 ... 5461111000 ], which includes important ballot box issues such as a just transition to jobs in sustainable economies, Indigenous rights, forestry and glyphosate spraying, water, health care, and shale gas. There are also some questions you can ask your candidates.

Election periods are short. In order to get these issues on the radar we need people to be informed, to be talking to each other, and asking tough questions to their local candidates.

Will you help? Can you share this handout with your friends, family members and neighbours? We’ll be producing more online tools and information as the election period carries on, so keep an eye on our Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/events/966308826875412/ ] and Twitter.

The Council of Canadians is non-partisan and won’t be supporting any specific candidates or parties. What we do want is a government that won’t undermine our most fundamental democratic rights, and will act in the best interest for the future of our communities and our global climate. This election is our collective opportunity to change the political landscape for the better.

Elections New Brunswick reported voter turnout was 64.7% in the 2014 provincial election, dropping from 69.5% in 2010. Voter turnout has been declining, and we know that it’s not about apathy, it’s about issues. Many potential voters are tuning out of electoral politics because they don’t see the issues that matter to them reflected in the political discussions. Others want to vote, but they face systemic barriers that deter, or even prevent, them from doing so. We must work together to get more people to the ballot boxes and overcome these barriers.

Our volunteer chapter members and people like you who are committed to progressive values can make a difference in the upcoming election. Learn more about the issues, talk to others and most importantly, vote on Election Day!

We can all have a say in a better future for New Brunswick.

In solidarity,

Garry Guild and Joan Green
Fredericton Chapter of the Council of Canadians

- -

P.S. You can get involved with the Fredericton chapter of the Council of Canadians by contacting us at cofcfredericton@gmail.com! If you are outside of the Fredericton area and are interested in joining a Council of Canadians chapter, please contact ourAtlantic organizing staff at atlantic@canadians.org. We’d love to hear from you!

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