SIGN PETITION: Appeal the Investigation of MP Erin Weir

SIGN PETITION: Appeal the Investigation of MP Erin Weir

Postby Oscar » Sun Oct 28, 2018 9:23 am

SIGN PETITION: Appeal the Investigation of MP Erin Weir

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We, the undersigned, demand fairness for MP Erin Weir

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh must allow for an appeal to an independent outside agency.

Harassment and sexual harassment complaints need to be dealt with thoroughly, confidentially and fairly, by well understood processes. Every existing process used in the House of Commons allows for an appeal … except for the one created for Erin Weir’s case.

The report of the investigation was never made public. This has hindered an informed public discussion of harassment and sexual harassment. It is usual for harassment reports to be made public with the confidentiality of the complainants protected. This reporting deters harassment and educates us about how to treat each other respectfully.

The sensitivity trainer, who has read the investigator’s report, says the investigation concerning three complainants found Weir was guilty of “a habit of standing too close and of inserting himself into conversations with others without regard for what the investigator assessed to be clear non-verbal cues”. The investigator judged the behaviour sexual harassment on the “less serious end of the spectrum”. [ ... -1.3985850 ]

Weir apologized to these complainants. He has taken the sensitivity training recommended by Singh’s office. The Trainer states Weir understands his mistake and is very unlikely to repeat it. Weir has consistently maintained the confidentiality of the sexual harassment complainants.

Weir was not expelled for sexual harassment.

Singh said Weir was expelled for releasing enough information to identify the fourth complainant in the (non-sexual) harassment complaint. News reports show this complainant went public first with her account before the findings of the report were officially released [ ... -1.4641428 ]. Before responding to the media with his defense, Weir asked for help from Singh’s office. He received none. Weir has never named the complainant and her name has never been reported.

Sixty-seven former Saskatchewan MPs and MLAs have identified "inherent bias" in the original investigation, calling it a "fishing expedition" and requested that Singh find a way to return Weir to the NDP caucus. [ ... _Singh.pdf ]

The House of Commons Policy on Preventing and Addressing Harassment, the Code of Conduct for Members of the House of Commons: Sexual Harassment, The Canadian Human Rights Act, the NDP staff collective agreement and the NDP Policy on Discrimination, Harassment and Sexual Violence all provide appeal procedures.

We demand an outside authority such as the House of Commons’ Chief Human Resources Officer or the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal review the investigation process to ensure justice and fairness.
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