Peter MacKay? ‘Good Luck Mister’ Indeed

Peter MacKay? ‘Good Luck Mister’ Indeed

Postby Oscar » Thu Feb 13, 2020 4:09 pm

Peter MacKay? ‘Good Luck Mister’ Indeed

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So far, it’s déjà vu for the French bluffing, macho posturing, Harper-whipped throwback.

Michael Harris February 10, 2020 |


Harper redux

MacKay has made much of wanting to do politics in a new way. You could have fooled me. He is against a carbon tax and offers nothing but vapid platitudes as an environmental policy. Like Stephen Harper.

MacKay wants to downsize government, cut taxes, and deregulate in order to get Ottawa out of the way of big business. Like Stephen Harper.

Even on justice issues, MacKay hasn’t exactly been a “progressive” dream. He recently said that when it comes to sentencing, life should mean life. Marijuana should not have been legalized. Tough on crime, like Stephen Harper.

Finally, what is the top priority of the man who wants to do politics differently? The economy, of course, making it more productive, profitable, and competitive. A big business guy. Like Stephen Harper.

In a nutshell, MacKay has yesterday’s solutions to tomorrow’s problems. That hardly passes the “Greta” test, and none of it will fly with young Canadians.

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