KURTENBACH: War is Terrorism

KURTENBACH: War is Terrorism

Postby Oscar » Wed Feb 10, 2016 7:15 am

KURTENBACH: War is Terrorism

February 4, 2016

To the Editor,

War is Terrorism - involving violence. Human beings use war to justify killing other human beings and doing collateral damage because political or military leaders become convinced that a foreign political and/or military power is threatening their sovereignty or the safety of their citizens.

One recent great tragedy of war took place on September 11, 2001 with the destruction of New York's North and South Towers of the World Trade Centre by planes that crashed into the towers, killing and injuring many. There were other violent and mysterious events that occurred on that particular day.

Believing that the plans to crash the towers originated in the Middle East, the US, using its massive military power, with military aid and support from Canada and other countries, then invaded Afghanistan (Oct. 2001 - Dec. 2014) and Iraq (March - May, 2003). It is estimated that one million Iraqi and Afghan soldiers and civilians were killed, and cost Canadians and Americans about a trillion dollars. Some time later, it was found that most of the pilots who crashed the planes into the towers were from Saudi Arabia.

Who benefits from these astronomical costs? On a global basis, the sale of the weapons of war amounts to trillions of dollars, benefitting the monied investors and manufacturers of these technologically-advanced tools of death.

Those trillions of dollars would provide the basic needs of life to every hungry and poverty stricken child on planet Earth,

It is no wonder that Jesus drove the money changers out of the Temple.

Leo Kurtenbach
Saskatoon, SK
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