FILM: NUCLEAR HOPE: the deepest & darkest places on Earth

FILM: NUCLEAR HOPE: the deepest & darkest places on Earth

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[b]NUCLEAR HOPE: A documentary about the deepest and darkest places on Earth [/b]

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March 21, 2016

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A still image from NUCLEAR HOPE, showing a rally organized by the local grassroots group Save Our Saugeen Shores, in opposition to OPG's highly controversial DGR targeted at the Lake Huron shoreline

Filmmaker Colin Scheyen has announced the release of a documentary, NUCLEAR HOPE, examining the radioactive waste dilemma in Canada, including Ontario Power Generation's highly controversial "Deep Geologic Repository" (DGR, for radioactive waste burial) targeted at the shoreline of Lake Huron, at Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Kincardine, Ontario.

Scheyen wrote to environmental watchdogs on both sides of the Great Lakes:

I spoke to many of you over email last July about the article on our film, Nuclear Hope. Since that time our film has gone on to win awards in festivals in Canada, the United States, and will most recently be featured in Toronto Film Week. Our film asks the question "what will Canada do with its enormous stockpile of nuclear waste?" [ ... ear-waste/ ]

Many people thought that our film is a pro-nuclear propaganda film, which I believe could not be further from the truth.

As of today, we are officially releasing the film online via Vimeo.
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The film can be rented for $2 US or purchased for around $4. I hope some of you who are interested in the issue of burying nuclear waste near the Great Lakes will take the time to see our film and let us know what you think.

I look forward to a thoughtful and engaging discussion.

Beyond Nuclear encourages you to check out the film's artful website [ ], to watch this imaginative and thought provoking documentary, and to spread the word!

The film features heartfelt and enlightening interviews, with such allies in the fight against the DGR as: Dr. Helen Caldicott (Beyond Nuclear's Founding President); Eugene Bourgeois (a sheep farmer who lives immediately next door to the world's largest operating nuclear power plant, Bruce NGS, with eight operable reactors, radioactive waste surface storage for all 20 of Ontario's commercial atomic reactors, a large-scale, so-called "low" level radioactive waste incinerator, etc.!); Brennain Lloyd of Northwatch [ ]; Save Our Saugeen Shores (SOS) [ ]; and others.

And once you've watched this film, please take action.

While the Canadian Environment Minister, Catherine McKenna's, recent decision to postpone her final decision on the DGR was welcome news, we must now redouble our efforts to block the DGR once and for all! [ ... lakes.html ]

- Email the Canadian Environment Minister < > and the Canadian Prime Minister < >. Urge them to reject, once and for all, OPG's proposal to bury radioactive wastes beside Lake Huron. OPG's DGR endangers the Great Lakes, the fragile and irreplaceable drinking water supply for 40 million people in eight U.S. states, two Canadian provinces, and a large number of Native American First Nations.

(See Beyond Nuclear's list of ideas for additional actions you can take [ ... -dump.html ], including:
- a petition you can sign [ ... rdump.html ];

- U.S. elected officials -- from President Obama, to Secretary of State Kerry, to your U.S. Senators and Representative -- you can urge to take action; and a resolution to urge your city, county, and state to pass in opposition to the DGR.) [ http://www.stopthegreatlakesnucleardump ... utions.php ]

See Beyond Nuclear's Canada website section for more information on the 15-years-and-counting fight against the DGR! [ ]
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