Green Party responds to Brad Wall on GMOs

Green Party responds to Brad Wall on GMOs

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Green Party responds to Brad Wall on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

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(Regina) - August 27, 2015

According to the Green Party of Canada, polls show that eight in ten Canadians want mandatory labeling of GM foods and food ingredients.

Last week, Premier Brad Wall asked federal parties to state their positions on GMOs.

The Regina-Wascana Green Party Association reports that the Green Party, at a minimum, will mandate that GM foods carry a label to inform consumers. Frances Simonson, the Green Party candidate for Regina-Wascana, finds the public often misunderstands the debate over GMOs. “People are not always opposed to GMO technology because they think it’s unsafe or because they don’t know anything about agriculture – some consumers are morally opposed to the manipulation of the genetic materials of life. Others oppose genetically modified foods because they are part of an agricultural system that relies on pesticides and herbicides.”

The Green Party of Canada supports an agricultural model based on the family farm. They support the use of sound conservation practices, and the protection of publically funded agricultural research, which has suffered significant cuts under the Conservative government. In addition, the Green Party strongly favours the promotion of organic agriculture as an important part of sustainable development.

“Producers benefit under organic management because the added value in organic produce is returned to the farm. This is in contrast to conventional agriculture where much of the added value is returned to the companies that provide fertilizers and pesticides. Producers who practice conventional agriculture are always under pressure to expand or secure off-farm income in order to make a living at current prices,” continued Simonson. Frances works part time as an independent organic farm inspector.

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David Orban, Chair
Regina-Wascana Federal Green Party Association

Frances Simonson, Candidate
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