Scientific Evidence of Dangers of GMO Foods Grows

Scientific Evidence of Dangers of GMO Foods Grows

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To: Whomever Cares About Their Health & The Health of Their Children/Grandchildren & the Health of Future Generations to Come


Fellow Citizen

Arnold Taylor, Chairman of the Organic Agriculture Protection Fund Committee, a Committee of the Saskatchewan Organic Directorate, recently wrote and had the following letter published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix on Friday, May 25, 2007.

Arnold Taylor's Letter to Star Phoenix:

Excerpt: Scientific Evidence of Dangers of Eating GMO Foods Grows

"A study released March 13 (2007) in Paris, (France) in peer reviewed American Journal, Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, revealed that Monsanto's maize (corn) , MON 863, caused serious damage to the livers and kidneys of rats in feeding trials.

"Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini, who conducted the Study on data initially suppressed by Monsanto, said: "This maize (corn) cannot now be considered safe to eat. We are now calling urgently for a Moratorium on other approved GMOs while the efficacy of our current health testing methods is reassessed."

"The maize was approved by the EC on August 8, 2005. While this Study deals with maize, not canola, it exposes shortcomings in the approval process for GMO products. Saskatchewan Organic Farmers embrace the "Precautionary Principle", and will continue our efforts to protect organic foods and organic farming from GMO contamination."

Arnold Taylor, Chair,
Organic Agriculture Protection Fund Committee
Saskatchewan Organic Directorate
Published in Star Phoenix Letters to the Editor, Friday, May 25, 2007
I decided to post this Information on the Internet as the information in this letter is something which I reason and feel All Canadians, who care about their health, (about their children's health, their grandchildrens' health and the health of future generations), should be aware of.

From my awareness of the Immediate and Present Health Dangers of Eating GMO Foods I felt inspired to copy the most important excerpts from his letter regarding a recent Scientific Research Study, undertaken in France, using Monsanto's GMO corn (maize) MON 863, in the Study.

The unfortunate part of these Scientific Studies, is that our Governments; the Canadian Federal, the United States and British Federal Governments, and their Agencies, who are supposed to be Responsible to protect our health have been Doing Absolutely Nothing to Ban These Highly Toxic Foods. Even though there is strong and compelling Scientific Evidence proving the dangers.

Reason therefore suggest that the General Public, Both Consumers and Voters, must become informed about this Scientific Evidence and Raise their Voices Loud, by writing and talking to their MP's and to the Prime Minster, letting them know that they will lose their "Political Power" if they do not take Immeditate Action, placing a Moratorium on GMOs to protect the health of All Canadian citizens.

Our Governments' in Canada and the United States, HAVE NO BACKBONES FOR TRUTH, due to the Powerful Financial LOBBY of Large Un-Ethical Corporations like Monsanto, Novartis, BayerCropScience and Dupont and others.

These Un-Ethical Corporations are Twisting Science, threatening to pull out their funding of Universities and Research in this Country. They manipulate our Governments and the Universities with their so called Research Grants.

Science is supposed to be FIRST & FOREMOST about the Pursuit of Truth, NOT patents and NOT profits. Patents and Profits must come about when the Scientific Evidence proves that no harm will be done to people, animals or our natural environment.

Our Federal Government, the Governments of Great Britain and the United States have been ignoring the available Independent Government Funded Scientific Research on the Immediate Dangers of Growing & Eating Genetically Modified Foods.

Unlike toxic ag chemicals which can take years to develop serious health problems, eating GMO foods can cause serious health problems within weeks damaging the intestines and vital organs when animals are fed these genetically damaged foods.

The only thing that will "WAKE UP OUR POLITICIANS & GOVERNMENTS" TO PLACE A MORATORIUM ON GMO FOODS", is if enough Voters/Consumers become educated and informed enough about the Scientific Facts of the Real Dangers of Eating GMO Foods. So please circulated this information to friends and loved ones' who you think might be open minded to considering the information below.

Respectfully yours,

Joseph Bourgault
St. Brieux, SK
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