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News Release - September 26, 2007

Saskatchewan's Legislative Secretary on Organics presented his final report to Premier Lorne Calvert today.

Regional Economic and Co-operative Development Minister Lon Borgerson made recommendations on how to develop the province's organic agriculture industry after extensive consultations with producers and producer associations, research institutions, certifying bodies, agribusiness and government agencies.

"Saskatchewan is already one of the largest, most dynamic players in Canada's organic industry," Calvert said. "We need to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity that exists for Saskatchewan families in organic agriculture. The report outlines an aggressive plan of action for both industry and government to reach a goal that would have 10 per cent of Saskatchewan farmers involved in organic production by 2015."

"Retail sales of organic food are increasing by over 20 per cent per year," Borgerson said. "With large retail chains entering the market, organics are more than just a niche opportunity. The time has come to capitalize on Saskatchewan's natural advantages - a large agricultural base, innovative people and a clean environment."

Borgerson's recommendations include:

Establishing an Organic Industry Advisory Board that will provide ongoing advice to the Minister of Agriculture and Food on organic issues;

Expanded organic research capacity;

Increased support and training opportunities for organic producers and processors;

International marketing support for small and medium organic businesses;

Measures to attract young people and immigrants to the industry; and

The promotion of Saskatchewan-grown organic food.

A number of recommendations have already been adopted by government, based on Borgerson's consultations and the interim report provided to the premier earlier this year. The remainder - contained in the final report - will now go to departments for review.

The report is available online at ... _sept_2007.


For more information, contact:

Jenna Robertson
Regional Economic and Co-operative Development
Phone: 306-787-2359
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Bourgault comments on Organic Report

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From: Jo Bourgault
To: Brad Wall, Leader SP
Sent: Sunday, October 21, 2007 1:33 PM

Dear Brad, Leader of Sask Party

Below is an interesting e-mail with comments by Premier Lorne Calvert and the NDP Government's Intentions to Increase their support of the Growth of Organic Agriculture. I see this as really good news.

I have read and reviewed a Copy of this Report by Lon Borgenson. I see that there are some bias towards co-ops versus privately owned farm operators, but other than this I reason and feel that most of the Recommendations that Lon has made are either RIGHT ON OR VERY GOOD!

As the President and Co-owner of a health food store here in St. Brieux for past the past 12 years or so, and as a long time advocate for the consumption of organic foods and organic farming, (my family and I have been eating 100% all natural/certified organic foods with excellent health results, i.e. I have fully recovered from life threatening health challenges)
Lon Borgenson interviewed me for his report. Lon is a really good person. He is an excellent listener and an equally good communicator as well. I found Lon to be a very open minded person and enjoyed our 2 hour exchange of information and ideas which would be for the highest good of everyone in our Province.

This is one of the Issues for which I give Premier Lorne Calvert, Lon Borgenson and the NDP Cabinet some sincere credit, along with their recent Announcement of the Introduction of NET METERING for SaskPower to purchase power at par prices, ( i.e. what they sell electricity for to consumers), from consumers and businesses along with Grants of 25% for up to $100,000 investments in wind and solar installations.

When the NDP or any Government are on the "Right Track" on any Issue we should be giving them credit for their efforts. Truth is what matters, not blind or negative partisanship or rigid ideology.

When I see the NDP taking some Positive Steps Forward as they are Intending to do on Organic Agriculture and on Wind/Solar Power Net Metering these are steps which the Sask Party Leadership and Shadow Cabinet, and or the Conservatives, or any Truth Seeker/Finder/Sharer should be supporting 100%.

Let us give credit where credit is due and not be so partisan or afraid to call the NDP or Conservatives when they are out of Step with Truth/Natural Law Based Common Sense Solutions to phase out the pollutants that are hurting our Natural Environment, causing Climatic problems, sicknesses and diseases for plants, animals and human beings driving our Medical Care Costs/Taxes ever higher while damaging our ecosystems!

My hat's off to Premier Lorne Calvert, and to Lon Borgenson, the Legislative Secretary for Organic Agriculture and the Intentions of the NDP Government to Promote these VERY SIGNIFICANT ENVIRONMENTALLY/HEALTH FRIENDLY INNIATIVES! GOOD ON THEM!

Let us all work together as honest to God Truth Seekers, Truth Finders, Truth Sharers. The Truth of the Matter of Every Issue we face in our lives and in our Society is what Really Matters. Truth is what Unites as the sons and daughters of the Same God Who Created us.

Let us get rid of the Vieled Desire for Political Power, which is what Partisanship is all about, that is those individuals in our Society who will say anything to get elected to win political power.

We must be Crystal Clear in our Priorities:

Our 1st Priority Must Always be to "Set the Goal of Truth" Above All Else on every Issue we face in life, in business, in politics. Then we must do our best to stay open hearted/minded to gather the facts and as we do so, use our God Given common sense, reason and logic to get to the "Truth of the Matter".

We must also have the Courage to Stand Up for what is True and to do so in respectful, life enhancing ways to win the support of other like minded Truth Seekers.

After All, Truth is Real Power. He who knows the Truth about any Issue is the person who has the True Power to solve problems.

Jesus taught us all: "Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free."

Buddha taughts us all: "There are three things that cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon, and the truth."

Our #1 Goal in life if we are truly honest person's must be to be honest to God Truth Seekers, on every Issue we face in life.

If we do this, we will become truly United in our Society. We will develop an open minded, open hearted and cooperative non partisan attitude, always searching for the Truth of the Matter of every Issue, and we will attract like minded Truth Seekers, in every political party, to work with, and we will be able to much more quickly solve every problem we face as individuals, as groups and as a Society, creating Heaven on Earth for everyone in our Society.

This to me is what Heaven on Earth will look like.

Respectfully yours,

Joseph Bourgault
President of F.P. Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd.
LifeWise Health Centre Inc.
St. Brieux Realty Inc.

Founder & President of
Saskatchewan Citizens Coalitions Inc.

Empower citizens & Responsible Governments
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