Polluted Children, Toxic Nation:

Polluted Children, Toxic Nation:

Postby Oscar » Sun Jul 02, 2006 1:18 pm

Polluted Children, Toxic Nation: A Report on Pollution in Canadian Families

http://www.environmentaldefence.ca/repo ... Family.htm

Polluted Children, Toxic Nation is the first Canadian study to test for harmful chemicals in children's bodies, and the results show that Canadians young and old are polluted regardless of where they live, work, play or go to school.

For the study, Environmental Defence tested children and parents from five Canadian families for 68 chemicals, such as pesticides, PCBs, stain repellants, flame retardants, mercury and lead. Many of the chemicals discovered in the families are associated with cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive disorders, damage to the nervous system, respiratory illnesses and harming the development of children. In some cases, the children in the study had higher levels of certain chemicals than their parents.

Download the English version of the Full Report at: http://www.environmentaldefence.ca/repo ... %20Web.pdf

Download the French version of the Full Report at: http://www.environmentaldefence.ca/repo ... %20Web.pdf

Visit the Toxic Nation web site to read more about toxic chemical pollution in Canadians at: http://www.environmentaldefence.ca/toxi ... anding.htm
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