Earthkeeper Poem

Earthkeeper Poem

Postby Oscar » Thu Dec 21, 2006 9:49 pm

'Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the land
corporate farming was here.
It was grand! It was grand!

Hogs were raised.
waste was spread
the future looked bright.
The salvation of farming
now seemed in sight.

More factories were built.
The money rolled in.
If you were an investor
you wore a big grin.

But clouds started gathering
on this happy scene.
Neighbors were calling
the big barns - obscene!

The air in the country
which had been so pure,
had become permeated
with the stench of manure.

The rivers and streams
that had been pristine
were now choked with algae
and resembled latrines.

But the good folk of the country
fought back.
Instead of retreating
they launched an attack.

"Bigger is not always better"
they cried.
And together they worked
to turn back the tide.

So into the future
when Christmas rolls 'round,
will the powers that be
move to limit the harm?

Or will they stand idly by
and not give a darn
as the life is torn from
the family farm?

- Larry Powell,
Founder, Citizens Against Factory Farms.
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