VIDEO: "The Big Leak"

VIDEO: "The Big Leak"

Postby Oscar » Sun Jun 11, 2017 11:54 am

London chapter tables at Water Brothers screening

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June 6, 2017 - 4:34 pm

The Council of Canadians London chapter had an information table at an event featuring the Water Brothers yesterday.

The outreach had noted, "On World Environment Day, join us for a special presentation of The Big Leak from TVOs The Water Brothers: Tyler & Alex Mifflin. The brothers will be here to discuss the reality of conserving our most precious resource: water. Followed by student presentations and a panel discussion with special guests. Educational passageway displays beginning at 5:30 pm. Presented by the City of London and London Public Library. First Come First Served!"

Chapter activist Julie Picken-Cooper notes, "The Water Brothers presentation is awesome. Not being a TV person I was unaware of their programme on tvo. They are heading into the 4th season. Lots of info and interactive stuff on their website." [ ]

To watch the 25-minute The Big Leak episode, please click here:
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The Council of Canadians believes that water and sanitation are human rights; water utilities should be publicly financed, owned and operated; bottled water should be phased out from public facilities and municipal events; water should be removed from 'free trade' deals; tar sands pipelines pose a serious threat to drinking water; every lake and every river should be protected under a strengthened Navigable Waters Protection Act; and the Great Lakes must be recognized as a commons, public trust and protected bio-region.

For more on our water campaign, please click here:
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