The Palestinian/Israeli struggle.

The Palestinian/Israeli struggle.

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The Palestinian/Israeli struggle.

Sent for publishing October 7, 2013

To the Editor,

There are some advantages to being a retired senior. On October 1st, I had the time and opportunity to watch and listen to the President of Israel, Benjamen Natanyahu, addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations [UN].

It was a long well-polished, impeccably presented speech. The gist of his talk was to warn members of the Assembly that Iran is a very dangerous country, secretly developing nuclear weapons. Natanyahu described the President of Iran, Hassan Rohani, who had previously spoken, as a wolf in sheep's clothing, trying to pull the wool over the eyes of other members of the Assembly. Iran, he vehemently stated, could not be trusted. Of course, he did not mention that Israel already has an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

I spent the next hour and fifteen minutes watching videos and commentaries about how Israel is demolishing Palestinian homes, and displacing the people living in those homes by building more and more Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, even though the UN stated it was illegal to do so. Palestinians who refuse to leave may be imprisoned or even treated more harshly.

Just two examples: a 23-year old American named Rachelle Corrie was trying to stop the destruction of a Palestinian doctor's home when she was run over and killed by a Caterpillar bulldozer.

In another case, a young Palestinian refused to leave his mother's home. The Israeli soldier forced the young man to get down on his knees. In desperation the mother offered the soldier some money to not kill her son. The soldier thanked the mother for her kindness and then fired five shots into her son!

At least 25 people, many who represent diverse organizations in Palestine, the US and Israel, including Jewish people who lived in Palestine before it became Israel, are active in efforts to obtain justice for all Palestinians. They are too numerous to name.

The following are only a few: the American Noam Chomsky, Amnesty International, US Catholic Conference, World Vision, Ha'aretz, an Israeli news daily, Christian Peacemaker Team, and B'T salem, a group of prominent Israel academics and attorneys regarding human rights violations in Palestine.

Despite the efforts of all these people and their organizations, Canada's present government, and Obama's government, repeatedly assure President Natanyuha that he has their full and unquestioned support.


Palestinian weapons of small arms, rockets, rocks and slingshots are no match for Israel's 3900 tanks, 360 fighter jets, nuclear and chemical weapons.

Leo Kurtenbach,
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