The Harper Dynasty

The Harper Dynasty

Postby Oscar » Fri May 06, 2011 5:28 pm

The Harper Dynasty

May 6, 2011

To the Editor,

To say that many other Canadians, [and I] are disappointed with the May 2nd "right-wing" majority government for our country Canada, is putting it very mildly.

For the next term of the Harper government, we are assured of an ever-increasing highest national debt ever. This will be caused by the proposed greatly amplified military spending-- much to the delight of Canadian and, particularly the American, arms industry. There is also a determined desire by Prime Minister Harper for proposed tax breaks for corporations [some may even benefit transnationals] and also tax breaks for the wealthy.

The preceding paragraph is part of the promised future political scenario, whereby 39.6 per cent of all May 2nd voters enabled Prime Minister Harper to form a majority government. However, 60.3 per cent of all other voters cast their ballots against the Harper Conservatives.
The latter had the support of 5,832,501 voters. The NDP garnered 4,408,474 votes. The difference in voting numbers, [1,323,927] gave the Harper Conservatives 65 extra seats in the House of Commons. In the 2008 election the Green Party received the support of nearly one million voters, but did not elect even one member of Parliament!

Obviously our Canadian voting system is fundamentally flawed and basically undemocratic in representing Canada's diverse politically-minded citizens.

One has to presume that approximately 40 per cent of Canadians supported Harper's promise of lower taxes, combined with a steady hand on the market economy, which would and did give him a majority. This despite the belief of many Canadians that wealthy and powerful corporations across the continent control the economy. It would appear that for some Canadians, the market economy should take preference over national and global social justice issues and the fact that Canada was once held in high repute by other nations as a country of peace keepers.

This has led me to the disturbing conclusion that had Jesus Christ been the leader of any one of the other political parties on May 2nd, He [Jesus] would not have become the Prime Minister of Canada!

Leo Kurtenbach,
Saskatoon, Sask., S7M 0M7
Phone--652 5129
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