Radioactive Energy

Radioactive Energy

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Radioactive Energy

September 10, 2011

To the Editor,

The earthquake and the flooding which caused severe damage to nuclear reactors in Japan, particularly the Fukushima reactor, will, in all likelihood, inflict grievous, long lasting health problems for thousands of Japanese citizens. It has been established that children and young people are far more vulnerable to radioactive pollution cancers.

According to Gordon Edwards[PHD], who is the president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility, [CCNR] when Tritium is released and is breathed in as water vapor, it can cause harm to DNA molecules, particularly in pregnant women, where it is readily absorbed by the developing fetus.

There are over 90 different chemicals that may be released through uranium processes. The life span of some of those releases may be as little as minutes, but in the case of Tritium and Plutonium, will be radioactive for thousands of years. Depleted uranium [DU] is now being used by NATO and Allied military forces.

All farmers know that using chemicals to kill weeds, it works best when weeds are small and growing rapidly. Whether we like it or not, the same rule probably applies when children are subjected to accidental radioactive releases or in a war zone.

Shortly after the nuclear accidents in Japan, radioactive emissions have been passing over Southern B.C. quite regularly. But we have not heard a word from the media or our government. Why? Is it because they are keeping the radiation readings secret? Or has our government forbidden Health Canada not to discuss this problem with anyone? Is that the case because Canada, [Sask.] is one of the world's largest exporters of uranium? The uranium industry is strongly supported by global investors and arms manufacturers. Nuclear reactors are subsidized by governments.

The Canadian media and our government must bear the responsibility of informing Canadians and the world in general, about the dangers of uranium -- in particular, the release of radioactive pollution caused by damaged nuclear reactors.

Our Prime Minister Harper is rightfully concerned about Canada's economy. But should he not be even more concerned about how increased radioactive pollution may cause future health problems for Canadian children? And indeed for all children in other lands that use Canadian uranium to power their reactors?

Leo Kurtenbach,
Saskatoon, SK
Phone: (306) 652 5129.
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