Responsibility for War

Responsibility for War

Postby Oscar » Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:24 pm

Responsibility for War

Sent for publishing on December 14, 2011

To the Editor,

War, with the horrible consequences of the loss of lives, including soldiers and civilians, and the astronomical costs of wealth and resources, seems to be a perpetual disease of the human race.

However, in recent decades, some nations have made examples of countries who did start wars. Denmark and Sweden found the U.S. guilty of the 1960-1975 war of aggression against Vietnam. Of course, no one, particularly American leaders and their military/ industrial complex, paid any attention to Sweden and Denmark.

Now, just weeks ago, a tribunal in Malaysia, consisting of seven panel members, led by their president, found George Bush and Tony Blair guilty of the 2003 war of aggression against Iraq. This Malaysian panel is recognized as the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal. What is interesting is that the acting prosecutor is Francis Boyle, who is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, a graduate of Harvard, etc. What is even more interesting is that this Malaysian tribunal used the same legal guidelines for their decision that was used by Attorney General Robert Jackson of the USA to convict the German leaders who were held responsible for World War II.

The Kaula Lumpur Tribunal will ask members of the Rome Statute to enter the names of Bush and Blair as war criminals in the International Criminal Court. Malaysia will also investigate Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and others for torture that took place during the Iraqi war. What this also means is that if any of these people whom they have named
as war criminals come to Malaysia, they will be arrested as war criminals.

When other independent countries such as Malaysia are prepared to name those leaders who actually give the orders to bomb or invade another country, that will be the beginning of finding ways and means to settle differences without killing one another. If we're ever going to have a more peaceful world, it will also be necessary to stop the bribery, the corruption, and the deadly profits of how many of the world's arms manufacturers operate. It is estimated that the arms trade accounts for almost 40 per cent of corruption in all world trade. That means that behind the production of these horrible weapons of death, there are politicians, the military brass, the arms dealers, and those of
us who accept war as a primary act of patriotism.

May the season of Christmas be one of joy and peace for all!

Leo Kurtenbach,
Phone--652 5129.
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