The Connecticut Gun Massacre

The Connecticut Gun Massacre

Postby Oscar » Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:59 am

KURTENBACH: The Connecticut Gun Massacre

Sent for publishing on January 13, 2013

To the Editor.

The media coverage of the Sandy Hook kindergarten massacre is slowly fading away. Most of us would like to believe it never really happened. But the parents of the young innocent children killed that day will have to bear the terrible hurt in their hearts as long as they live.

Canada has had a few of these mindless massacres. However, in the land of our neighbours, the USA, these incidents appear to be on the increase. Immediately after the Sandy Hook horror, the purchase of the AR-15 rapid fire rifle and other guns rose around 40 per cent!

There are means and actions that are common to most of these massacres. In all cases, guns, rapid fire weapons and ammunition are used. The killers are relatively younger white men. Apparently there were no aboriginal or black people or women involved. The Sandy Hook killer wore battle fatigues.

The USA is by far the greatest military power on this planet. It has 5% of the world's population and 50% of the world's guns. There are powerful interests within the American military/industrial/government complex working with the globalized corporate sector to be the acknowledged dominant world empire. To make that possible, they need to convince American citizens that it is their patriotic duty to support the training and creation of pathological killers out of human beings, by valuing and rewarding soldiers who are sent to foreign countries to sacrifice their lives to protect the imperialist interests of those who seek power and wealth.

For many years, the USA has overtly, covertly or militarily endeavored to become a world power. When deemed necessary, they have used army, navy and air force units, with tanks, ships and bombers to attain that goal. They have managed to have the majority of Americans believe that these preemptive actions are needed for the country's self defence and personal security.

It is quite obvious that a majority of Americans are immersed in their gun culture. The American National Rifle Association, [NRA] CEO, Wayne LaPierre, earns an annual salary of $1.4 million. He suggests that every one of America's 130,000 schools should maintain armed guards. Does it follow that we need armed guards in every theatre, every mall, every hospital, that every imam and every pastor should be armed, as well as any location where large numbers of people are gathered? Are the profits of weapons manufacturers promoting the use of guns?

There probably are still people who use a gun to provide food for their families. Farmers or people living in remote areas may need a gun to control animal predators. The "sport" of hunting is generally gauged by the proficiency of the hunter to bring down a bird in flight or an animal on the run.

But it certainly appears that in the USA - in the land of the brave and the free - any male can easily obtain weapons to kill people. Even those who are deeply frustrated, depressed or mentally or intellectually handicapped, can show the world they have the power over other human beings, so long as they can obtain the weapons of death. However, in the final analysis they also are victims of a thriving culture of guns.

In general, we profess to be a Christian continent. I am wondering if Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, were living among us today - would we follow him if he admonished us to "Put away thy sword [or gun]"?

Am I mixing up politics and religion?

Leo Kurtenbach,
Saskatoon, SK
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