Possible World War 3

Possible World War 3

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Published in the Wakaw Recorder on June 25, 2008

To the Editor,

Germany's Adolph Hitler wanted to be the Fuhrer [leader] of all of Europe. On February 27th 1933, the Reichstag [main government building in Berlin] was destroyed by fire. A great hue and cry was raised by the Fuhrer and his Nazi followers, blaming Communists as the responsible villains. Hitler vowed that German armies would vanquish the enemies of the German people. In later years it was strongly suspected that members from within Hitler's party torched the Reichstag. It was this event that rallied the German people to support Hitler's invasion of Poland,
Austria, France, --and Russia-- the beginning of the "Third Reich", which set the stage for World War 2.

On August 2nd 1990, Saddam Hussien's army invaded Kuwait over a disagreement with the latter over oil drilling rights on the border. This was followed on January 16th 1991 with the invasion named "Desert Storm" primarily by American and British forces. They dropped thousands of tons of bombs on Iraq, including Bagdad, and decimated the Iraqi army. But even after a decade of United Nations [UN] approved sanctions against Iraq, Hussien remained in power. Worst of all he was selling oil for euros instead of dollars!

In 1997, 7 well known Americans, supported by 18 other prominent Republicans, structured a plan they named "Project for a New American Century". [PNAC] When implemented, it would make the USA the undisputed world power. The US already has the most technically efficient armed force on this planet, plus thousands of nuclear bombs. It also has well advanced plans to position armed missile satellites in space. It could become the "Fourth Reich".

The US was becoming increasingly dependent on imported oil. They wanted a steady assured supply if the world power plans of the PNAC could hope to succeed. However, the Asian countries, who apparently have the greatest supply of good oil in reserve, feared American military might because of their concern to control their own oil sales and reserves.

On September 11th, 2001 [9/11] the twin towers of the World Trade Centre [WTC] in New York were struck by two planes. Within hours, both buildings were totally demolished. The Pentagon was also struck the same
morning, supposedly by a plane. It too collapsed about eight hours later.

Americans were shocked surprised and bewildered. President Bush told the world that those who would not support him in finding the terrorists responsible for 9/11 would be considered to be against him and America.

President Bush's administration tried to have the American people believe that one man, [Osama bin Laden] living in a cave in Afghanistan, thousands of miles from the World Trade Centre, was the mastermind directing the demolition of the twin towers and the Pentagon! Did the Bushites really expect the American public to believe that this one man, "bin Laden", could outsmart the billion dollar American security shield --and the CIA?

It certainly appears that Bush and the Republican inner circle allowed 9/11 to happen. There is unquestionable evidence that during the summer of 2001, a few countries, including Russia, also as many as 20 major media outlets in the USA, had warned the US that attacks involving planes flying into buildings were being planned. Where did these warnings originate?

What followed 9/11 is the invasion of Afghanistan by American and British forces on October 7th 2001. Then on March 19th 2003, an invasion named "Shock and Awe" by American and British forces was launched against Iraq. It was deemed illegal by the UN. But despite that, 88,500 tons of bombs were dropped on Bagdad. Since the first invasion of Iraq in 1990, over 4100 American soldiers have been killed, and thousands more have been physically or mentally injured. That one-sided war is also responsible for the killing and death of over 1 million people in Iraq, not counting the thousands of citizens who have been injured and traumatized for life.

What is happening on our planet today could be a historical repeat of the burning of the Reichstag in 1933, and the possible horror of a World War 3.

If the next president of the US follows the objectives of George Bush and the present Congress -- and just suppose that in the next federal election, Harper and his Conservatives, who appear to be quite supportive of American foreign policies, would obtain a majority -- I shudder to think of what could evolve. If that does come to pass, we Christians will need to pray to the Lord our God for mercy, and all those who are of the Islamic faith will need to pray to Allah for deliverance.

Leo Kurtenbach,
Box 268, Cudworth, Sask., S0K 1BO
Phone (306) 256 3638.
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