Canada's Depleting Resources

Canada's Depleting Resources

Postby Oscar » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:31 pm

Sent for publishing August 22, 2008

To the Editor,

Canada's Depleting Resources

Recently, Harper's Industry minister Jim Prentice, addressed American politicians and industry heads at the Americas Competitiveness Forum in Atlanta, Georgia. He reminded his audience of the vast amount of energy flowing from Canada to the US in natural gas, oil and electricity. To be brief, Minister Prentice promoted deeper integration between Canada and the USA.

It may be worthwhile for Canadians to note, that the amount of Canada's natural gas used up each and every day, to produce oil that is being extracted from the tar sands of Alberta, is the same amount that would heat 3 million Canadian homes for one day!-- The bulk of that oil is being exported to the USA.

The quantity of Canadian natural gas used to produce export oil is indeed alarming.--In 2005 Canada produced 6.2 trillion cubic feet [Tcf] of natural gas. Of that amount 3.7 Tcf was shipped out to our neighbors south of the 49 parallel.

It is estimated that at the present continuous use of natural gas, Canada's reserves could be exhausted within 10 years.

Parts of Canada, as most of us well know, can become extremely cold. In the past, previous governments apparently have not made provision to maintain finite energy resources for Canadians.

In particular, in light of recent increasing concerns about depleting energy resources, the Harper government appears not to have any definite plans, and has not shown any real concern about how future generations of Canadians will heat their homes.

The US has natural gas reserves that triple Canadian reserves. When Canadian supplies are exhausted, does anyone really believe that US privately-owned natural gas reserves, [if there is any left], will be available to sell to Canadians?

As long as we Canadians are prepared to maintain the FTA and the NAFTA, under the present agreements, we will not have sovereignty and control over our own resources.

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