Plans for the North American Union

Plans for the North American Union

Postby Oscar » Wed Dec 03, 2008 12:07 pm

Plans for the North American Union

Sent for publishing November 29, 2008

To the Editor,

My last letter to you outlined the seriousness of the present global recession.

It is not an obsession of mine to solely blame the American economy. However, we Canadians are on the brink of being totally integrated and controlled by global corporate interests into a North American Union [NAU]. We Canadians must share some of the responsibility for this conundrum inasmuch as we made it possible for the Mulroney government to eliminate the Foreign Investment Review Agency, [FIRA] in 1985, then sign the FTA in 1989, followed by the NAFTA in 1994.

This letter is not a rant against reciprocal trade with any nation, but simply an expression of great concern that we Canadians have been coerced by our governments, allowing another country, the USA, to buy up our companies and resources, [which they now urgently want] to fulfill their longtime dream of making Canada their 51st state, right up to and beyond the Arctic Circle.

Since FIRA, 13,065 Canadian companies have been bought up by US interests; 80% of the takeovers were from the US. Of that percentage, only 1600 companies have been reviewed for a benefit to Canada. We Canadians should be aware that most of the money to make these purchases possible was supplied by our own Canadian banks!

From June 30th, 1985 to September 30th 2008, total value of Canadian assets taken over amounted to $847,764 billion. It is estimated that from those assets $35 billion in profits were annually returned to the US.

Keeping in mind the astronomical debt burden in the USA today, plus the cost of their foreign military and politically covert ventures throughout the planet, it would appear to be extremely risky for Canada to become aligned to the NAU. The following information should give us further cause for concern.

The Chinese government presently has in their possession 2.3 trillion US dollars in cash.This represents the trade imbalance between China and the US. To further secure their favorable trade balance, China demanded and obtained from the US, billions of their new"amero" currency. The "amero 20" was minted in the Denver mint in the US in 2007.

It is being suggested by economists outside of the box of conventional thinking that the greed of the financial giants and their equally greedy CEO's have caused the debt overload in the US and could trigger the collapse of the dollar. If we Canadians have the courage and the determination to keep Canada a strong sovereign nation, then we need to separate our financial structures from the precarious financial mess that is now confronting the citizens of the United States of America.

Leo Kurtenbach,
Box 268, Cudworth, Sask., SOK 1BO.
Phone--256 3638.
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