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Project Hero

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 6:22 PM

To the Editor,

This letter is simply in support of the 16 Regina university academics who are opposing the creation of the Project Hero scholarship program.

As long as we glorify war, we will, sooner or later, become involved in wars. There is no glory in war. There is only suffering and sacrifice.
In most recent wars, there are more civilians being killed than military personnel. Our soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice become our heroes, while we hear little about those who have been physically or mentally injured. We hear even less about the civilians who we have deemed our enemies, whose lives and homes we have destroyed.

Many Americans and Canadians, as well as their respective military and
political leaders, now acknowledge the fact that our presence in Iraq
and Afghanistan was initiated by the Bush regime, and that the primary
purpose of that invasion was to control the vast reserves of oil in the
Middle East.

President Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, all had close connections to major oil companies, Donald Rumsfeld was Secretary of Defence. The invasion was abetted by powerful interests close to the American administration - an organization known as the Project New
American Century. [PNAC] It was in the planning stage well before the catastrophe of 9/11.

The only beneficiaries of war are the manufacturers and their shareholders who produce these weapons of death.

It is not right to invade another nation to take over their resources. It is just plain wrong!

Even if we do not like how someone is treating his people or family, we do not have the right to take control of their resources by force of arms. This is especially the case if we were [and
probably are] complicit in placing power in the hands of those we now consider our enemies.

Joseph Stiglitz is an American Nobel prize winner for his work in economics. He worked for the World Bank from 1997 to 2000. He resigned because he could not agree with the international policies of the World Bank and the IMF. Mr. Stiglitz estimates that the Middle East wars could cost the USA 3 trillion dollars. We could have purchased a lot of oil for that money. Instead, to date, over 4700 American military personnel have been sacrificed in Iraq, and over 1700 International Occupation Troops in Afghanistan have been killed.

May I mention that at least 2 million Iraqi and Afghan people have either been displaced, injured, or have been killed during these Middle East wars.

Mat God give us the courage, the heart and the grace to end this horror.

Leo Kurtenbach,
Box 268. Cudworth, Sask., S0K IB0.
Phone (306) 256 3638
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