"Thugs" at the G20

"Thugs" at the G20

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LETTER: "Thugs" at the G20

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Subject: "Thugs" at the G20

To the Editors,
Maclean’s Magazine,

This open letter is in response to your editorial in the July 18th issue,"G20 thugs don't deserve a break".

I agree with you. The wilful damage of public or private property is shameful, useless and wrong. We may never know the real reason why these thugs resorted to this type of violence. Perhaps it was just a mindless challenge to the helmeted, truncheon-bearing police with protective shields. Some may have guessed that the leaders of the industrialized world were meeting to find means to deal with the financial deficits of governments and the increase in public debt due to the 2008 recession. It is fairly well established that the crisis was brought on by the ineptitude of global corporate financial interests, including the useless money changers on Wall Street applying their near criminal activity of buying and selling hedge funds, derivatives, SIV'S and CDS's and God only knows what else they were up to.

We were told that the billion-dollar security spending-spree would place thousands of police on the streets. This, they explained, was necessary to deal with any eventuality. One could ask, "How did that work out for you?"

The needless damage by thugs during the G20 is quite insignificant compared to the billions of dollars of collateral damage, and about a million human beings, including civilians and military, who were killed, or physically or mentally disabled, due to George Bush's "Shock and Awe" war of 2003. Police batons don't hold a candle to bomber planes, tanks, depleted uranium ammunition, and the "finest" technology that taxpayers’ money can buy that was used in these weapons of death.

How can we expect exuberant youth, even those clothed in black, to respect law and order, when our governments have involved Canadians in the American military/industrial complex by joining in the illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Canadians do have to thank former Prime Minister Jean Chretien for not sending our young men and women to a messy war in Iraq.

Political leaders who charge the military to use violent means to invade foreign countries, must be subjected to the same justice --in an international court-- as we would impose on "run of the mill thugs". Without that kind of justice, we will encourage violence by example and our world will continue to use war to impose power in perpetuity.

Leo Kurtenbach,
Box 268, Cudworth, Sask., S0K 1B0
Phone (306) 256-638.
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