Hog price crash forcing barn closures

Hog price crash forcing barn closures

Postby Oscar » Fri Sep 28, 2018 4:25 pm

Hog price crash forcing barn closures

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By John Middel September 20, 2018


"To be fair, prices are not great in the U.S. either. They are poor. However, a discounted poor price makes for a terrible price in Western Canada.

These prices and the futures prices are telling us that Western Canada is not the place to raise pigs; get out while you can. These prices are screaming, “get out! Get out!”

That is starting to happen. I recently heard of another colony make the difficult decision to shut down their barns. Typically, these decisions are made around the kitchen table with little fanfare. There is no picketing of packing plants, no dumping of pigs on the legislature grounds, only a grim acceptance of a decision that has to be made. . . . . . "
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