Thyroid Cancer - Fukushima children - increased 20 times . .

Thyroid Cancer - Fukushima children - increased 20 times . .

Postby Oscar » Mon May 24, 2021 11:15 am

Thyroid cancer in Fukushima children increased 20-fold

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By Dr. Alex Rosen May 23, 2021 by beyondnuclearinternational

Latest results of the Fukushima thyroid screenings confirm worrying trend

In 2011, people in Japan were exposed to radioactive fallout. Some still live in contaminated regions where they are exposed to elevated levels of radiation on a daily basis: radioactive hot-spots on the side of the road, in rice paddies or in sandboxes, contaminated mushrooms or algae, contaminated groundwater, and recontamination from forest fires or flooding.

One of the most dreaded effects of radioactive exposure is the development of cancer through mutation of the DNA. Thyroid cancer in children is certainly not the most dangerous form of radiation-induced cancer, but it is probably the easiest to detect. For one thing, the latency periods before a cancer develops are relatively short, while at the same time, thyroid cancer in children is an extremely rare disease, so that even a slight absolute increase can be statistically detected. Accordingly, in 2011, there was great pressure on Japanese authorities to investigate the development of thyroid cancer in children and adolescents in Fukushima by conducting long-term screening examinations. . . . .

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