Your Gateway to Saskatchewan's Resources

Your Gateway to Saskatchewan's Resources

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49 North Resources Inc. - Your Gateway to Saskatchewan Resources

(Includes maps, graphics, photos)

"My message to the industry is simple and direct: consider the many opportunities that arele for investing in what is emerging as a leader in the New West (Saskatchewan). Alberta is seen as a good place to invest, however now the New West as a whole is offering better and better investment opportunities."  - Brad Wall Premier of Saskatchewan

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49 North Board of Directors – Page 11
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Saskatchewan ’s unique political history has had a profound dampening effect on capital formation throughout much of the Province’s modern history. In 1944 the Province elected the first Socialist government ever brought to office in any North American jurisdiction, setting in motion political and economic events that have shaped, and in some instances, profoundly hindered the Province’s economic development path. Although the Province’s population is relatively conservative by nature, polarization between left and right factions in urban and rural areas respectively, has often led to election results that run counter to the generally centrist popular sentiment. In fact, the left wing New Democratic Party and its predecessor, Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, have held the seat of power approximately 75% of the time since World War II with the right wing Conservatives 16% and Liberals 9%.

Although Saskatchewan is blessed with extraordinary natural resources, the inherent conflict between free market capitalism necessary for development and socialist economic philosophy has hindered progress. Until recently this led to suppressed economic activity, a stunted capital market system, and significantly slower growth in population and infrastructure relative to other resource rich provinces.

It is within this economic framework that 49 North was created in 2005, the year of the Province’s 100th anniversary. Founded as a limited partnership, the fund’s vision was to become the leading supplier of investment capital for Saskatchewan’s junior and intermediate resource sector and provide the underpinning of a resource capital market long overdue in one of the most resource rich jurisdictions in the world.

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(Geological attributes - page 17)

The Province’s southern half is overlain by the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin offering hydrocarbon based and other sedimentary resources like its westerly neighbour Alberta, while the northern part is comprised of exposed Precambrian Shield offering an entire suite of hard rock mineral potential. Saskatchewan hosts the best geological attributes Canada has to offer and opportunities are virtually unlimited.

- expansive suite of undeveloped minerals and hydro-carbons
- supplies 1/3 of the world’s potash
- supplies 1/4 of the world’s uranium
- 2nd largest oil producing province
- 3rd largest natural gas producing province
- 3rd largest coal producing province
- significant oil sands potential
- world’s largest diamond exploration project
- significant base and precious metal finds (zinc, copper, gold)
- largest rare earth minerals find in North America
- significant potential for helium and associated gases
- extensive infrastructure material potential

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Rare Earth Elements – Page 21

- Growing demand for REEs is based on their unique physical and chemical properties, which make them essential to many scientific applications.

- REEs are used in many alternative energy technologies such as fuel cells, rechargeable batteries, hydrogen storage and permanent magnets used in hybrid electric vehicles.

Source: Great Western Minerals Group Ltd.

- Energy efficient lighting, pollution-reducing autocatalysts, LCD and plasma flat-panel displays are examples of other applications.

- Saskatchewan hosts significant rare earth resources at Hoidas Lake and potential resources are identified at Douglas River.

- China controls over 97% of the world’s supply of the rare earth elements and they require more than they produce internally.

- Manufacturers outside of China will eventually need alternate sources of rare earths.

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Saskatchewan...North America’s Resource Frontier - page 22

If we have all of this then why were we a Have-Not province? Historical government focus has been on jobs, not wealth creation, thus no capital market has ever developed in Saskatchewan.

Very little capital has been raised locally. Nationalization within the resource sector and Government oversight virtually sterilized Saskatchewan’s capital market in the 1970’s. This detrimental political climate resulted in a very timid investor base, which further hampered resource development.

Saskatchewan’s resource capital market now has a very supportive government. Saskatchewan has implemented a responsible royalty structure and our Premier, Brad Wall, has been recognized outside the Province for this directive. Our long history of resource exploration has resulted in some of the worlds most successful mining operations. Mining exploration expenditures have increased from $30 million in 2004 to $430 million in 2008. In 2008, $1.12 billion was spent to purchase Oil & Gas rights in the province.

Investing in the future—Mining drives Provincial economic growth.

Saskatchewan has a World Class geological survey which is sponsored by the government and provides valuable information to the resource industry.

Saskatchewan has 27 producing mine facilities which provide over 25,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Over $3 billion annually is spent on wages, goods and services, and over $1 billion is received in royalties and taxes. The minerals sector accounts for 6% of provincial GDP and oil & gas account for 8% of the province’s GDP. Saskatchewan oil & gas and mineral production and exploration is currently at a record high.

Both local and external capital is needed to explore and develop this Resource Frontier.

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49 North Resources Inc. (page 24)
Saskatchewan’s premier opportunity to invest alongside Saskatchewan’s exploration establishment at the earliest possible stage. 49 North provides excellent Saskatchewan focused exposure to oil and gas, base and precious metals, coal, diamonds, uranium and rare earth elements. We are there at the beginning—you can be too!

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