ARNEY: Letter to PM Trudeau: Change for Canada

ARNEY: Letter to PM Trudeau: Change for Canada

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ARNEY: Letter to PM Trudeau: Change for Canada

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Dear Justin Trudeau,

May I, as the interim leader of the Canadian Action Party, congratulate you and your party on your success on 19th October 2015 due largely to the enthusiastic vision of hope and a bright future you portrayed for the country.

It was with great pleasure that I heard you say to your caucus:

“Regardless of the committee you’re on, the roles you have, regardless of party demands, regardless of everything else we do, your one job that you cannot ever forget is to be a strong voice in service of the people who sent you here.”

This was music to my ears as the Canadian Action Party has always agreed with this but has taken it a step further to say that we will represent all our constituents not just those who elected us. It was very refreshing to hear you say these words and this leads me to this. On 19th October, you and your party were elected to govern Canada on behalf of all of us not just those who voted for you, and therefore we, as a whole country, should be listened to and consulted on matters of national importance.

Since the government of New Zealand finally released the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership, I have been slogging through it, paying particular attention to Chapter 28 which is entitled Dispute Settlement.

What is particularly striking in this chapter, written largely by the international corporations that were invited to consult on this TPP, is that now, any corporation within the TPP area can ‘pile on’ with any other corporation which makes a claim against perceived profit loss due to laws or regulations which might hinder that profit. This is done through something called third party:

“third party means a Party, other than a disputing Party, that delivers a written notice in Accordance with Article 28.13 (Third Party Participation)” - Article 28.13: Third Party Participation

A Party that is not a disputing Party and that considers it has an interest in the matter before the panel shall, on delivery of a written notice to the disputing Parties, be entitled to attend all hearings, to make written submissions, to present views orally to the panel, and to receive written submissions of the disputing Parties. Such delivery shall occur no later than 10 days after the date of circulation of the request for the establishment of the panel pursuant to Article 28.7.2 (Establishment of a Panel).

Whereas in previous investment agreements, disguised as trade deals, dating back to the Free Trade Agreement between Mulroney’s Government and that of Ronald Reagan, only the corporations of the two countries in the agreement could launch a financial attack upon the taxpayers of the other country, now we have multiple corporations from multiple countries jumping on each claim. This means that we simply cannot afford any laws or regulations that would offend any corporation anywhere in the Pacific Rim area. Simply and astonishingly ridiculous. Or, as stated in the Vienna Convention On The Law of Treaties signed at Vienna 13 May 1959, Article 32 Supplementary means of interpretation, “(b) leads to a result which is manifestly absurd or unreasonable.”

It is also manifestly plain that this is nothing to do with a free trade zone as there are tariffs, quotas, import and export licenses, side deals, side agreements and many other impediments to a real free trade zone involved in this TPP agreement, all of which could lead to a dispute if a corporation (with third party hangers on) decides it can and should appeal to yet another monetary award panel due to perceived profit loss. Remember, no court of law, either domestic or international, is involved here. Simply international corporate lawyers deciding how much should be awarded. This is just a gold mine for corporations at the expense of tax payers of all the countries involved.

On page 1-3 of Initial Provisions and General Definitions, under Section B, Article 1.3 General Definitions, there are three definitions which throw this entire agreement into the area of the ridiculous, even treasonous, typical of the last ruling regime in Canada.

national means a natural person who has the nationality of a Party according to Annex 1-A(Party-Specific Definition) or a permanent resident of a Party.

person means a natural person or an enterprise

person of a party means a national or an enterprise of a Party

To those of us who are aware that we are all actually natural persons, but with carefully and considerable forethought that natural person state has been altered over the last few decades as Canadians have been, and are now being created into artificial people by our government without the rights of natural persons. It is therefore somewhat disingenuous to expect us to accept that a corporate entity from one of the members of the TPP countries has been granted the status of a natural person with all the rights and privileges granted to natural persons, whilst we are not regarded in the same light by our governments. We are simply numbers expected to obey all laws and regulations without question and subject to fines and or imprisonment for failing to do so, but must also pick up the tab for those entities who attack our country for monetary gain.

The Canadian Action Party and I agree that this TPP scam should NOT be ratified and that all investment agreements dating back to and including the FTA with the USA should be scrapped and real trade deals signed in their place.

Point I am trying to make here Mr. Trudeau is that you will be globe trotting in the next few months to basically announce to the world that Canada is back as a sovereign country with the intent to be a real player for the people of the world, with the desire to help and be a country that can be relied on to be a good neighbour not a pugilistic war monger looking for a fight. Is that your intent? I hope so. Point is how can you do this if at the same time you are signing away our sovereignty and ability to make our own laws and regulations to corporations which care not one whit about people anywhere, only for their bottom lines. This is what you will be doing by allowing Canada to be part of a faulty corporate investment deal called the Trans Pacific Partnership.

The second point I want to bring up at this time is that both I and the Canadian Action Party applaud your intent to invest in Canada. Austerity never has been and never will be the way to prosperity; in fact, it leads to the opposite for the people of any country except those at the very top.

I, and the Canadian Action Party, trust that as you will be using our own bank – the Bank of Canada – to finance these investments at a very low flat rate of interest rather than international banks and investors at a higher compounding interest rate.

As I am sure you are aware your new government is now under court attack by the Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER) due to the Bank of Canada not being used as mandated by the Bank of Canada Act of 1935; you could not do better than to use this incredible jewel we, the people of Canada, possess to return us to prosperity, and receive a dividend from our bank at the same time. Of course by doing so we will be in line for review panel challenges from corporate banks and investors all over the world because they will lose a very lucrative golden egg. This is another reason why the Canadian Action Party would excuse Canada from all those investment deals which would enable such challenges on how we finance our own country.

I wish you well, and trust that you will bring about that change you often talked about, scrapping TPP and using our Bank of Canada would be two excellent ways to start.

Jeremy Arney,
Interim Leader of the Canadian Action Party
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