Grondin: Farewell Canada

Grondin: Farewell Canada

Postby Oscar » Wed Sep 12, 2007 2:57 pm

Farewell Canada

by Paul Grondin

Dear Editor:

To many, this letter will sound very strange, but I have to express the pain in my heart. Farewell, Canada! And in saying farewell.well, that is where the pain lies.

Being an over-the-road truck driver I make many trips across Canada and the USA. Recently, I have been driving from Windsor, to Drummondville (100 KMS east of Montreal), then out to Calgary and Vancouver, and then I turn south to Laredo, Texas on the USA-Mexican border before returning home to Amherstburg. Yes, a lot of clicks and a lot of miles, but I have the honour and privilege of talking to many Canadians and Americans from all over the place. For the most part I love' em all. Remove the regional differences and we can categorize everyone as being caring and loving.and just good, decent people who want to move forward with their life as Canadians and Americans.

OK, so why farewell to Canada?

And this is what has broken my true-blue Canadian heart.

In March of 2005, then Prime Minister Paul Martin, President George W. Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox sat down for these secret talks. The Security and Prosperity Partnership or the SPP evolved out of these talks having been spearheaded by George W. Bush's agenda. It took about a year before any "outsider" began to realize the significance or true purpose of the SPP.

At first glance, security?, prosperity?, who is not in favour of these? However, it is anything but security and prosperity for the Canadian. This agreement, this SPP, is all about the well-planned North American Union. This plan is not a theory. As I write this Letter to the Editor, bureaucrats from all three countries are working in relative secrecy to create a North American country, literally and absolutely. They have even offered the "Amero" as the new name for the dollar. Farewell, Loonie and Toonie; your life was very short-lived and.

Farewell to Canada.

Make no mistake about this. The ultimate goal is to remove the US Constitution, the Canadian Constitution, etc, and focus on a government void of democracy, where bureaucrats will run the show at the behest of the Power Elite to increase and maximize their profits.

To some extent, maximizing profits has already been happening at the expense of the Canadian worker. Jack Layton of the NDP is always complaining about Canadian jobs flying south, so to speak, but I doubt if many are seeing the big picture.the forest for the trees.

If you are not buying any of this, then please sit down at your computer, bring up the internet and type in

In conjunction with this topic, I must qualify the next point very carefully. I have nothing against the Mexican people. I enjoy my contact with them when I am in Texas and in particular, Laredo.

Similar to the French Canadian, I find that the Mexican American brings a certain flavouring to the table that is both uniquely genuine and worth its weight in gold. This can be said for many groups across the board. That having been said, what will happen when this North American Union is placed into action? And it will happen, if we stand idly by allowing the Power Elite to run our Canadian lives.

When this secretly-agreed-upon North American Union replaces Canada,
the USA and Mexico, there will be millions and millions of very poor Mexicans, (and not poor in the sense of being a poor Canadian), who will flood the northern job market, the area that was once known historically as Canada. And this new working force of teeming millions will work for half the money, if not less. And why not? I know illegal Mexicans living in America and the simple pleasure of owning a car would never be a reality, if they were still living in Mexico.

Bye-bye Canada.

I have talked to many people, both Canadian and American, and no one seems to care. Maybe it is because they have been so betrayed by their political leaders that it has numbed the once glorious Canadian Psyche to the point of chronic or terminal apathy. What can one little guy from the street do? Case in point concerning the betrayal: How many Canadians know about this secret 2005 meeting down in Waco, only a stone's throw from George W. Bush's home in Crawford, Texas.

AND lying seems to be a way of life among many politicians. And this SPP, in my opinion, is the BIG LIE! The SPP and its relative secrecy is the weapon that will kill Canada, literally.

What a travesty to kill a country that isn't even 150 years old.

Farewell, Canada.

I asked a well-connected friend, who lives in Mexico: why did former President Vicente Fox of Mexico agree to this Security and Prosperity Partnership? (And my friend knows Vicente, personally.) Answer: Vicenti did it to increase jobs for Mexicans. Well, in reality, "El Presidente" Vicenti has sold Mexico's soul for jobs. Attracting jobs to your country is a good thing, but at the price of selling the country's soul is in a league of evil all to its own. And that is what "El Presidente" has done because Mexico, as a country, will one day be no more.

The next logical question is: What was the motive to sell Canada's soul to the Power Elite, where the future will not allow democracy, and with that, many things such as freedom of speech will be flushed down the toilet? Answer: Maybe Paul Martin is just evil, although that sounds very harsh, or is it? Certainly, he is not a Canadian regardless of his passport, or what he says. However, in all honesty, I do not know why Mr Martin has sold out Canada, but make no mistake about this, CANADA is being pushed (or flushed) into the history books as a country that was once full of decent and good citizens and where the" world's melting pot" lives in harmony and mutual respect.

Although Prime Minister Harper and his cronies are moving forward to manifest or fulfill Paul Martins initial kick-off of Canada's demise as a sovereign nation, this is not a Conservative issue. It is not Liberal, or NDP, etc. It crosses all boundaries-political, racial, social, religious, etc. It is a Canadian problem as much as cancer and HIV are a medical nightmare. However, in the case of the SPP, it will literally kill the 'psyche' of millions of Canadians.

Farwell, Canada.

The Power Elite has one goal to fulfill. They want more money and more money, and they do not care who suffers in the process, as long as, they do not appear to be the bad guys. With the constant help of the Canadian Media, who do not report anything or very little about the progress of the SPP and the North American Union to the Canadian people, well, the works are in the mix and the outcome is.

Farewell to Canada.

So.yes, I am sad. My heart has been broken. My Canadian heart aches.

As I write this Letter to the Editor, I wonder if anyone will rise up and challenge the secret comings and goings of the Harper Government and "others of evil intent" and the bureaucrats who move in the hidden and dark shadows of this Canadian nightmare to destroy the country we all love so dearly. This is an atrocity.

Farewell, Canada. Yes, I did love Thee. I truly did.

If you are in favour of the SPP, the North American Union and the death of Canada, maybe Mr. Harper will allow you to attend the secret meeting on August 20 & 21, 2007 in Montebello, Quebec. (After all, do you not have the right to know what your leaders are doing, right?)

The leaders of Canada, USA and Mexico will be there to move their agenda forward for the utter political destruction of their countries and the birth of the North American Union. However, take this seriously; you can not just drive into Montebello during those two days. There will be absolutely no media coverage. And the police will be there to stop any demonstrators from entering the town.

I remain, sincerely:

Paul Grondin
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