CURRIE: Still Germane?

CURRIE: Still Germane?

Postby Oscar » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:23 pm

September 10, 2008

Something I wrote some time ago that I just came across. Gee, I wonder
if it is still germane?

To the Editor.

Remember Ben Tre? That was the Vietnamese village the Americans destroyed in 1968. They said, "It became necessary to destroy the town in order to save it." Since then the Americans have been saving towns all over the globe, in Cambodia, Laos, Panama, Nicaragua, Sudan, Iraq, Yugoslavia and more. Then on Sept 11, 2001, someone , no doubt overcome with gratitude, decided to save some Americans. The Americans ( and Canadians too) responded in kind by saving several villages in Afghanistan. But alas they were not able to save the elusive Osama bin Ladin. Now the Americans are asking Canadians to help save what is left of Iraq. Is there no end to their generosity?

I think it's time we told our Prime Minister what we think of all this Charity . It's easy to do. He can be e-mailed here or written to in care of the House of Commons. No stamp required.

The alternative of course is to do nothing and be prepared to express our gratitude when someone decides to save us.

Bev Currie,
Swift Current, SK.
306 773 9001
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