CALVIN: Harper’s secret carbon tax plan

CALVIN: Harper’s secret carbon tax plan

Postby Oscar » Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:02 pm

September 23, 2008

PO Box 114
New Norway, Alberta, T0B 3L0

Letters to the Editor via facsimile.

re: Harper’s secret carbon tax plan.

The Conservatives rant on about the Liberal Green Shift program so much it makes me wonder what they are trying to hide. Do the Conservatives have a carbon tax proposal? Yes of course they do, but they like to keep it secret, which is typically Conservative.

The Conservative carbon tax detailed on Environment Minister John Baird’s web site is called “Turning the Corner: Detailed Emissions and Economic Modeling.” They like to keep it quiet so it doesn’t hurt them at the polls. The information in their document shows that “change will come at a cost for Canadians.” The graph supplied shows that costs could be higher than those of the Green Shift.

Harper’s secretive behavior around a carbon tax, his illegal behavior around the Canadian Wheat Board issue, and his long time support for privatizing health care means voters should beware of the Harper conservatives.

His record of secrecy should raise the question of what Harper’s real plans for a majority government are, and his record of broken promises on significant issues like income trusts should ring alarm bells.

copy, orginal signed by:
George A. Calvin.
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MACKLIN: Harper’s Hard-line Against Lawbreakers

Postby Oscar » Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:32 pm

September 29, 2008

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Letter to the Editor:

Harper’s Hard-line Against Lawbreakers

The Harper government claims it is going to be tough on lawbreakers. Yet when Linda Keen, President of the Nuclear Safety Regulatory Agency refused to be intimidated by Harper into breaking the law, he fired her.

Adrian Measner, President and CEO, of the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) refused to be bullied into breaking the CWB Act. Harper fired him. The Harper government tried twice to violate the Privacy Act and force the CWB to give them personal, confidential business information on farmers who deal with the CWB.

Harper and his Ministers also broke the law in attempting to remove barley from the CWB. Twelve farmers challenged the government in court and won on both the original case and on the government’s appeal. Harper’s public response was to threaten that those who opposed his position would “get walked over.” Comforting words from a “law and order” P.M.

The Harper government violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by restricting the freedom of speech of CWB Directors and their staff to advocate for what they believed to be true and in the best interests of farmers.

Harper Government lawyers portrayed the government action as “normal government practice.” In ruling against Harper, the judge commented that it might be normal in Zimbabwe.

Two recent government actions are being challenged by farmers as being both undemocratic and illegal. Harper has removed third party spending limits in the current CWB Director election so that the big foreign
corporations will be able to support CWB director candidates who will dismantle the CWB. He is also removing close to 40% of the producers from the CWB voters list in the hopes of influencing the vote.

Steven Harper could set a good example for Canadians if he would look in the mirror and lock up the first lawbreaker he sees.

copy, original signed by:
Art Macklin

Art Macklin operates a family farm in the Peace River area of north-western Alberta. He was elected for three terms (12 years) to the Advisory Committee to the CWB and then for two terms (8 years) to the CWB Board of Directors. He was Chairman of the Canadian International Grains Institute, and a former President of the National Farmers Union. He was also one of the 12 farmers to successfully challenge the Harper government in court on their illegal actions.
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