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Postby Oscar » Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:37 pm

Green Up Campaign


For the next year, please try to do one or more things to Add Green to help the Environment, Around Your Home, Your Community, Your Place of Work

A few items could be:

1- Turn off the lights you are not using; Use one size smaller wattage lights
2- Use Solar powered outdoor lighting; Christmas lighting, Yard lighting
3- Use cold water for washing clothing; Add a cloths drying rack or line
4- Pick up waste garbage on your street or country road;
5- Use reusable cloth shopping bags; ( Not Plastic store ones )
6- Turn off & unplug all appliances not being used;
7- Start a Garden spot & buy locally grown organically grown products;
9- Do not leave engines idling for prolonged periods of time;
10- Recycle &/or start a compost system;

We are sure you can see more that we each could do
If everyone just does a couple of things & sticks with it
We can make a difference
Creating a healthier; Cleaner; Safer place to live
Thank you for participating

If you have a project that is environmentally friendly that we may be able to add value to, contact us

Plant a Spruce tree & help purify the air we breathe

Ron Cox [GPS] Lloydminster Constituency
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