G8 and the banks.

G8 and the banks.

Postby Oscar » Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:59 pm

G8 and the banks.

From: Jeremy Arney
To: Times Colonist
Cc: Harper, Stephen ; Flaherty, Jim ; Ignatieff, Michael ; Layton, Jack ; May Elizabeth ; Savoie, Denise ; Martin, Keith ; Crowder, Jean
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 6:38 PM
Subject: G8 and the banks.

Dear Times Colonist Editor,

I have seen nothing in your paper concerning the awkward situation Harper & Flaherty found themselves in concerning the banks at the recent G8 & G20 fiascoes in Ontario.

The problem simply was the strong request made by other members to tax the excessive profits of banks.

There was no choice for these two but to object even though the Canadian banks have made record profits and paid huge dividends and bonuses whilst the ordinary Canadian citizens are beginning to really struggle with rising costs and extra taxes.

However the throne speech and budget this year both proclaimed that such corporate entities as oil companies, big Pharma and Banks (amongst others), all making obscene profits will pay even less of their share of Canada's income because they have been promised large tax cuts this year.

Hard to reconcile these G8 bank tax requests and Alliance/Reform coalition tax cuts is it not?

Is there any truth to the romour that the CMHA was "helped" by Flaherty with "bad" mortgages? and if so does that not constitute a back door bail out of the banks?

Jeremy Arney
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