Fighting global warming the wrong way

Fighting global warming the wrong way

Postby Oscar » Wed Nov 21, 2007 9:49 pm

November 20, 2007
Dear Joe Hueglin, Editor DAILY DIGEST:
I was pleased to read John McKay's editorial piece which you included today in your DAILY DIGEST.
Fighting global warming the wrong way

...concluding paragraph:

"It seems that our responsibility should be aimed toward adapting to ultimate consequences, not in attempting to alter the unalterable."
John McKay is a member of the Amherst Daily News Community Editorial Board

Jake Rempel Comments:

I was impressed by John McKay's cogent summary of the global warming science information, except that he omitted the information that we can in fact ameliorate the damage by changing our ways of extracting and processing the natural products of planetary resources. The scientists
also present the information that necessary old and new technology exists and is already being applied but not yet quickly enough. But there is time to reduce future damage.

McKay also writes,
"...It seems that our responsibility should be aimed toward adapting to ultimate consequences..."

Like McKay, I believe this is imperative. What concerns me is that the public debate must also educate us all about what governments, the corporate private sector, all other nations, and we individual persons must do to adapt without getting badly hurt more than necessary.

What also concerns me is that the debate and campaign to reduce harmful emissions from all energy uses is delaying the discussion of and correction of other terrible modern technological errors and political changes which threaten the well-being of life on our planet, including the health of our vulnerable human bodies.

[Yes, modern technology has improved my life, perhaps saved my life with vaccinations and with quick and easy surgical intervention.]

Nevertheless, the use by industry of chemical interventions in plant and animal husbandry, the use of these same chemicals in war industries, interventions in plant and animal reproduction by genetic engineering, the control of these technologies by mega size international corporations bigger than and not accountable to governments, God, or the people, corporate leaders who appear to influence and even control the policies
of government including decisions to go to war in support of corporate interests -- these are great new technologies and industrial forces that threaten not only democracy, but our health and welfare in Canada and around the entire planet.

I am encouraged by the fact that those who seem to deny human responsibility for climate change do now recognize the change, and verbalize the need to adapt to the inevitable change.

What we need now is government , political, corporate, individual, and international leadership to make the necessary changes in industry and in personal lifestyles for all people everywhere to improve their ways as we all adapt to changing climate and social/political circumstances.

Human individuals and societies change slowly, hence conservative
politics will always have a role. However, the swords of Damocles hang over all our heads like guillotines, and very forceful progressive politics is necessary to recognize and deal with the great issues that confront us all. Partisan debating points in our discussion of these issues can prevent us from finding policy solutions and implementing them.

Political parties are necessary organizations to develop policies in a democracy, as Dalton Camp insisted, but he also accepted and insisted on the need to work together creatively in parliament. No one party has all the knowledge and ideas that we need now.

...Jacob Rempel, Vancouver
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