PM's 'disdain' for law and MPs

PM's 'disdain' for law and MPs

Postby Oscar » Tue Jun 24, 2008 8:40 pm

PM's 'disdain' for law and MPs

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Published: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Speaking in Saskatoon last week, the Prime Minister of Canada made some very disturbing statements.

Stephen Harper was responding to a court judgment that ruled that his government had not only broken the Canadian Wheat Board Act, but had contravened the human rights of the directors of the board in issuing a "gag order".

Harper claimed that farmers had clearly voted for "choice" in the plebiscite arranged by former Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl last summer.

In that plebiscite, Strahl "consulted" -- not with all farmers, as the wheat board act states, but with representatives of the major grain corporations allied with the Alberta Barley Growers and the Western Wheat growers, which total less than 1,000 of the 60,000 farmers affected.

Parliamentarians made it clear that the government was breaking the CWB Act, but Harper disdains advice. Strahl's plebiscite broke every democratic law of fairness -- gag orders, stripped voting lists, multiple ballots issued to "farm units", numbered ballots, voting lists kept secret from opponents, refusal of scrutineers, and adding a third impossible option.

A Calgary federal judge declared Strahl's barley plebiscite illegal in July, 2007. Harper's comment was that he would succeed in the illegal action, "one way or another".

His response to the second ruling of illegality last week was a general threat. He warned, "Anyone who stands in our way will find that we will walk over you."

Given his arrogance and contempt for Parliament, what part of "illegal" does Harper not understand? Whom will he "walk over" -- justices, opposing farmers or both?

He appears to be more like Robert Mugabe or George W. Bush than a prime minister of Canada. This nation is not yet a dictatorship, though Harper is behaving more and more as if he considers himself that dictator.

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