Harper and Arar, et alia

Harper and Arar, et alia

Postby Oscar » Sun Aug 17, 2008 3:43 pm

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Subject: Harper and Arar, et alia.

Congratulations on your piece on Bashir Muktal-[Sp. ?] - and the refusal of PM Harper to assist Canadian Citizens illegally held in Rendition Centres, or Guantanamo, and suffering torture.

To support Citizens in this way would mean agreeing with the Supreme Court that Ministerial Certificates of Detention without evidence are undemocratic and illegal in Canada, which ruling the Harper government is going to fight, or ignore.

More importantly, it would also mean that Canadian Foreign Policy would be different and independent from that of George W Bush, an unthinkable change from a Prime Minister who has taken over the "poodle role" now Tony Blair has gone on to his fat monetary rewards.

Phil Bladen,
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