Doctors tell government to act on high smog levels

Doctors tell government to act on high smog levels

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Doctors tell government to act on high smog levels

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Charlie Cooper Author Health Correspondent Thursday 19 March 2015

Doctors have urged the government to act on air pollution after another day of warnings over the heavy smog shrouding much of the UK.

Air pollution is forecast to remain high in some urban parts of the Midlands, south Wales and south west England tomorrow. The Government has advised people with heart and lung problems living in the affected areas to reduce their activity.

Winds from the continent and still weather conditions over Britain have led to unusually smoggy conditions. Air pollution levels were moderate to high across Wales, Northern Ireland and many parts of England and Scotland today.

Car exhausts and heavy industry are the main sources of everyday pollution, but high pressure weather conditions and still air can intensify the problem and increase risks to people with underlying heart and lung problems

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Air pollution contributes to 29,000 deaths in the UK every year, according to Public Health England estimates. City-dwellers are the worst-affected. Air pollution is never the single cause of death, but particulate matter can exacerbate underlying heart and lung conditions.
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